Motorola Q9c


Motorola Q9c

At 129g only, and in its small body; the Motorola Q9c is like in a remarkable resume. With an internal memory of 128.0 MB and a capability of storing someone’s life’s story in an external memory of 8.0GB; this PDA phone is definitely one of the finest devices. The new Motorola Q9c is operated on a 3G network of dual band CDMA. This lets the user enjoy an experience of conveniently checking their email on its fully featured browser and a lot faster speed while surfing on the internet. They can remain connected all the time with its GPS, miniUSB connectors, PCSync and Bluetooth technology.

Unlike many other phones available in the same price and with similar specifications; the Motorola Q9C lithium ion battery lets users be on phone for hours with a 4.5 in a straight line hours of talk time. Other than just conversing, its users can easily stay in contact with their friends, family or colleagues by sending MMS or SMS messages. The phone features voice commands, a speaker-phone and easily usable three-way calling facility. One of the great futures is that with it; there is no need to worry about forgetting the phone numbers of people whom you want to contact. Each contact in this phone’s phonebook can save up to twelve phone/mobile numbers, work and home address, three e-mail addresses, their professional positions and other important detail along with a picture and a ringtone in order for you to make out who is calling.

The wide LCD display of the phone lets users view needed and urgent documents, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint with an ease, with the use of Dataviz to open the documents. Since Motorola Q9c does not have a built-in Wi-Fi, it allows its users to put in a miniSD Wi-Fi card to it in order to enjoy quicker and better browsing.

It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, which is not very extraordinary in its result, but is fine for normal use. Its users can shot and make videos of anything that holds their eyes. Its camera comes with flash, 8x digital zoom, 5 photo resolutions, varying from 160×120 to 1280×1024 pixels and video-recording capabilities. This PDA phone features Windows Media Player allowing its users to play various audio and video files. These files can either be downloaded from a PC or from online sources. The Motorola Q9c can support almost all common formats, i.e. MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, WMV and MPEG-4 files.


  • Dual-band 3G Network
  • Features “Dataviz Documents” which lets users open and edit MS documents.
  • Up to 8 GB of external and expandable storage
  • Contains Windows Media Player in order to play and enjoy multimedia files.

Draw Backs:

  • Does not feature Wi-Fi. Users are required to put in a miniSD Wi-Fi card for faster browsing
  • Camera with only 1.3 megapixel
  • Some find QWERTY keyboard a bit rigid.


Motorola Q9c is one of good PDA phones and is favored by many who want to keep a PDA with an economical price and still exciting features.

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