HP iPAQ Glisten


HP iPAQ Glisten

There is an adage which says that the only concept that is permanent in this world is change. And when things change, correlative to this phenomenon is improvement, in whatever form.  The emergence of the HP iPAQ Glisten is an embodiment of such change when it succeeded the HP iPAQ 910c with more better and enhanced features. As expected, the introduction of the HP iPAQ Glisten to the smart phone market was met with great interest and attention by many mobile phone aficionados.  With the current trend, it looks like the HP iPAQ will be here to stay for quite a good number of years.

Just like most of the smart phones today, there are quite a good number of notable features for which the HP iPAQ Glisten is known for. With its fashionable and contemporary design, the HP iPAQ Glisten has become a lot more visually appealing as compared to its predecessor. In addition, the dark and gentle outer layer adds to the overall attractiveness of the mobile phone. Its solid and firm QWERTY keys coupled with its seamless link with MS Exchange makes the HP iPAQ Glisten a formidable product in the business smart phone category.

Even with all of these positive attributes, this product has also some minor but noticeable minor flaws. Most mobile phone experts contend that although the HP iPAQ Glisten is a reincarnation of its predecessor, the HP iPAQ 910c, in terms of form and functionality, it is not far from its predecessor. Further, despite the reputation of HP phones to have superb call reception quality, unfortunately, the HP iPAQ Glisten only has an average sound quality for purposes of making and receiving voice calls.  To compound things, the earpiece does not also provide a stable and loud sound.

With the list of criticisms against the HP iPAQ Glisten, choosing this type of product can be daunting to some. However, if one sticks to the essentials, a different opinion might be formed on the functionality of the HP iPAQ Glisten. It is just a matter of sifting through one’s preferences in terms of the desired features of a particular smart phone. Once the essentials are established, selecting the best smart phone will be a lot easier. Evaluating the HP iPAQ Glisten should be made in the light of this principle. This way, the true value of the product will certainly prevail.

While the HP iPAQ Glisten may not be as astounding as the other smart phones in the market today, this reincarnation of HP iPAQ 910c still makes it a truly reliable gadget, especially, in the business phone category. This type of smart phone will particularly be appealing to hardcore Windows believers. If one can get past through some of the HP iPAQ Glisten’s relatively minor imperfections, this type of smart phone might just prove to be a good buy. When making the next smart phone buying decision, be sure to include the HP iPAQ Glisten in your possible options.

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