Sanyo Zio


Sanyo Zio

In October last year, Kyocera and Sprint manufactured and launched its first Android, Sanyo Zio. It is Sprint’s first adventure into the android industry. The name says it all as it possesses some of the most sort out features in economy cell phone. It comes with a vast assortment of accessories, such as the Sprint ID that lets users download stuff quickly and integrate it into the system. Sanyo provides its users with elaborate and predefined experience, which provides space to download applications, ringtones, wallpapers, games and other such widgets. The Android was first made available for a moderate amount of just USD 99.99 with an agreement, however, now the handset has been made available at no cost with just a 24 month long service agreement between the company and the consumer.

The display being offered by Sanyo Zio houses an 8.89 cm touch screen, with a resolution of 480×800 pixels in terms of 262K colors the TFT panel looks ecstatic. The cell phone proved to be a great success in terms of user convenience and technology. The screen is smaller however the color density is good but the screen loses visibility almost entirely when it comes to exposure to sunlight. The colors can be termed as infused when compared to other cell phones in the same category like the HTC EVO or the Samsung Transform. The operating system is an And. 2.1, the keypad is a virtual QWERTY, the handset comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera equipped with an auto focus. The other qualities include a MP3 player, with Bluetooth 2.1 (Electrical Designer Reference), a 0.5GB built-in memory, 32GB external memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, Micro SD card slot, Sprint Music Plus, Sprint Zone, GPS, Visual voicemail, and the most pleasing thing is the life of battery which provides a 1130 mAH and battery talk time of up to 4.6 hours.

The smart phone weighs a mere 3.7 ounces making Sanyo Zio feel immensely light. The devices dimensions are also such that it can be moved easily in and out of the pocket. The device makes for the lost weight with the plastic body. The hand set has the feasibility to use Blue tooth devices like the BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset it has Multipoint pairs with up to 8 devices. It uses advanced software to recognize different voices to allow you to easily control the headset and other functions of the cell just by using your voice making it true hands free. The final verdict would be that of a slight dismay. Sanyo Zio looks good on paper but the design is more important then what is being offered in paper. The design surely needs improvement and the system could have been made a lot better with improvement in execution. But the weight and the agreement for a free offer made it hard for people to complain. The mobile has witnessed some response issues and the plastic body with less aesthetic appeal makes it hard for people to acknowledge anything good.

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