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Every new business that opens on the Internet, unless they have their own domain server, will need the services of a web host. With more sites opening every day, those selling hosting services are in a position to open up a new income stream, provided they can do it right. While there are many companies offering this service, there are many that open their servers to others and the web hosting reseller market has become a lucrative business.

How to Start

In order to appear as a web hosting company you will need your own business domain online and create a web site developed for internet hosting. Something that inspires confidence in your visitors and can easily be adapted to market the hosting service you will offer to our visitors.

The next thing you need to do is investigate the companies that offer this opportunity to ensure you connect with a reputable firm. That is one that provides reliable service at a reasonable cost in order to attract new internet sites to sign up with the company you represent.

You are not going to appear as a sales associate for the company you choose, rather you will appear to be the host providing the servers your customer host their site on. Most resellers will provide you with different options that you can offer to your customers, allowing you to develop your own array of options as well as set the price at which your site sells. By developing different site plans you can offer plans that appeal to both the individuals that only want to create a personal site as well as to large businesses that require many different languages that work on their sites.

An Ideal Hosting Solution

Ideally, the company with which you connect will offer several plans from which you can choose or adapt to meet your ideal hosting solution as well as having a price low enough on which you can make a profit on the plans your site delivers. Web hosting is a highly competitive business and it may be a challenge to find the company whose prices are low enough to make it worth the effort you will put into marketing your web hosting business.

Essentially, you will be the middleman in the business, but your customers will not know that. The company you work with should handle all aspects of the business, from collecting the money all the way through providing customer service. Every aspect of the relationship you have with your customers should be handled by the company with which you do business.


One aspect that is totally yours is marketing and convincing more customers to sign up with your web hosting business. The more sites your business hosts the more money you make. Since it is, as previously stated a very competitive business, your prices will also need to be competitive. This means you will need to plan on making a small profit on every site, while making you income based on more sites.

In order to create an income, and to pass some of your competitors, look at some of the areas that traditional web hosts fail to consider. Look at blogs that pertain to interests of your own and those that pertain to web hosting and talk about how different hosts offer different advantages at different prices. In some blogs you can drop in a link to your own site as a way of marketing your web hosting business.

The guest post has been contributed by Patrick Smith. Patrick has been associated WebHostingSecretRevealed.com, an independently owned Best Web Hosting Review company. The owner has tested various web hosting service providers and based on his experience he considers iPage Review as the best web hosting service provider.

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