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BlackBerry Web Application Platform Launched by RIM


Makers of BlackBerry, Research In Motion RIM, is in the spotlight these days. They are in the news for one reason or the other. First, it was the speculation of release of a Tablet by the company which materialized on Monday when the company formally unveiled its latest state of the art Tablet with name, PlayBook, in front of the media at a conference in San Francisco.

Now Research In Motion has a great news for all the Blackberry application developers; the company has announced a latest web-based development platform which is a next generation software suite with the name of BlackBerry WebWorks. The new development platform WebWorks will now enable the developers and programmers all over to build fully featured new applications for Blackberry phones using the developer platforms and computer languages like JavaScript, CSS and HTML-5.

With this latest web application platform introduced, developers can now utilize their HTML abilities to develop integrated web applications for BlackBerry phones and users can take full advantage of the services offered and the APIs. It will act like as BlackBerry Java Applications are running.

This latest BlackBerry WebWorks platform fuses the previous existing BlackBerry development features with the latest tools and services to make it stronger and helpful for the developers. WebWorks will provide comprehensive and up-to-date toolset for the eager developers to create feature rich applications so that the users can take advantage of BlackBerry core services like true multi-tasking, true Push Technology and access to loads of other Blackberry tools.

New BlackBerry WebWorks is a full supported package which also includes the Web Application Manager, Blackberry Web Plug-Ins 2.5 and new Web APIs.

Alongwith with this latest Web Development Platform, RIM is also working closely with open source community to make way for the developers to access and make contributions to BlackBerry Open web Application platform. RIM is also working with various JavaScript framework companies including GitHub, DoJo, Sencha and Nitobi to persuade the programmers and the developers to develop Web Applications with latest Web Functionality and AJAX.

The BlackBerry Web Platform is also available within the partner communities which basically work on Open Source

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