Verizon to start selling iPad by end of month


Verizon the largest cellphone and wireless network in the US announced today that they are going to sell iPad on its stores. Apple’s popular Tablet Device iPad will be accessible in almost more than 2,000 Verizon wireless stores all around the country starting from October 28. According to the announcement by the company, Verizon will provide a total of 3 packages with a Wi-Fi model of an iPad. Along with that the company will also provide MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot which is a little device that enables or offers way in to Verizon’s own 3G network. If the users are not in the range of Wi-Fi, they can connect to MiFi 2200 from their iDevice. According to Verizon, the MiFi cloud enables the users to give web access via the company’s individual 3G network to up to 5 Wi-Fi permitted devices within the range.

Well, the first package that the company offers will comprise of a 16 GB iPad Wi-Fi version alongwith the Verizon mobile MiFi hotspot for a price tag of $630. The other bundle of 32GB iPad with a mobile hotspot will charge almost $730. Finally, the 64GB Wi-Fi version with the mobile hotspot will be sold at a total price of $830. The company is also going to offer the Apple’s Tablet devices in the above ranges without the Hotspot device but for them no price is specified. Apple on the other hand is selling those devices for $499, $599 and the 64 GB model for $699. Verizon’s decision of not to sell iPad 3G is not a surprise at all because all the iPad Wi-Fi and 3G enabled connect to AT&T network directly, making it not compatible for the Verizon’s.

Those consumers who are planning to buy any bundle of iPad with Wi-Fi alongwith the mobile hotspot MiFi 2200 intelligent device will have to disburse charges to get into and these will be monthly charges. Verizon in the announcement said that it will charge almost $20 per month for a data plan of 1GB. But AT&T is not allowing getting Verizon to take the lead at all. AT&T also announced today that they are also set to sell all the available bundles of iPad starting from October 28.

Apple in a press release said that Verizon customers will be able to use the iPad just as they are using on any other network. Apple and Verizon’s partnership is pointing towards an increased relationship between the two companies. This iPad partnership has further consolidated this fact that Apple will be launching its iPhone 4 on Verizon.

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