Video Conferencing And Facebook Integration In Skype 5.0


No wonder, Skype has revolutionized the way of communication via internet. But hold on, this is not all it offers, now one of the most eminent VoIP service, Skype has included some outstanding features which will make you swing around. Skype 5.0 has introduced features like video conferencing and Facebook integration.

The new home page of Skype includes a number of different features for which it has provided tutorials as well. These tutorials help you learn all the new features including how you are going to make a video call or even how to sign up or subscribe. Moreover, Skype 5.0 is designed and updated in such a convenient way that now you won’t find any problem in messaging, calling, transferring a file or in screen sharing. The new interface of Skype is more user-friendly by all means. Other than this, the home page of Skype has included many mood messages for both, yourself and your contacts, which you simply will love.

Basically, the new feature of Skype 5.0 that is, the collective video conferencing will actually help you talk to several people at a time. So, if you have a group of friends and you want to talk to several of them, you don’t need to wait since owing to this latest version of Skype 5.0, you can talk to more than just one friend of yours. Now, this really is something more than just tempting.

In addition to this, with the latest version of Skype, you get to choose the view option, which you like. For instance, not only this version of Skype offers the usual side-by-side screen but also you can enjoy another feature, which allows you to have a large-sized view of that person, who intends to talk for the larger part. Furthermore, owing to a call quality manager that has been integrated into this version of Skype, you can enjoy a better call quality, audio as well as video.

Other than this, another wonderful addition to this latest version of Skype 5.0 is the Facebook integration, which is something you will absolutely love. Now, Skype will help you to update your Facebook status whenever you want and let you call any of your friends with its unique and quality calling features.

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