U.S. Government planning to make Computers Safer Online


United States government is these days appraising an Australian plan that will allow the internet service providers to warn all their clienteles base if any of the their computers are either taken over by hackers or crackers, and also limit the online access of these computers till the time people don’t fix the pending problem.

The management executives of Obama Government have been continually contacting with business specialists and leaders to find alternate means of escalating the online security. The administration officials are trying frantically to strike a sort of a balance between securing the internet domain and American’s civil liberties and privacy.

U.S. officials and cyber experts are interested in a certain faction of the plan that is ready to go in effect in Australia probably by December. But at this particular moment any move by the U.S, government in setting up a internet regulation or some sort of monitoring can trigger fierce opposition from the general users and pubic that could jeopardize the implementation of this Australian internet security plan.

This decision of improving the security of internet based computers has come at the time when corporate, private and government department computers are frequently exploited by the cyber criminals and the hackers. Howard Schmidt who is the White House cyber coordinator told the AP in an interview that U.S. government is looking for a number of controlled and smart ways that can help small businesses and public to safeguard their computers and data. The probable possibilities include provisions in the Australian cyber protection plan that will enable the customers and users to get warnings from their ISPs if their computers are attacked by Hackers and cyber criminals through botnet.

A Botnet basically is a mesh of infected computers that numbers in excess of thousands and that particular network is virtually controlled by hackers via some scattered PCs.

Schmidt said in the interview that if a particular internet service provider is eager to offer its users an improved level of online security then the American Public will totally support that company. He said that without having security a user can not have that desired level of privacy they want and most of the users deeply care about this fact that whether their computer systems are safe and secure or not.

In the U.S. according to Schmidt the internet realm is considered as Wild West and people do not want it to be fenced and fettered. But this open domain is not so secure and there is a need to curb it to make it more reliable and safe.

In Australia, the plan is to give internet service providers freedom of taking a range of actions so that the damage from the infected computer can be limited. That damage will be reduced by issuing warnings to restrict the out-going emails of that infected PC. They will also be able to quarantine that particular machine and provide users with the links from where they can fix their machine. So let’s see, what will be the stance of Government as far as implementing this particular plan is considered.

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