HTC Touch Diamond 2


HTC Touch Diamond 2

When it comes to quality and affordable smart phones, HTC is the name to beat. On a regular basis, HTC has been coming up with extraordinary smart phones which could give the established mobile phone manufacturers a run for their money. A trademark of each mobile phone released by HTC is unparalleled features coupled with easy on the pocket pricing.  This combination is difficult to surpass under existing smart phone industry standards.  This is the advantage of the recently launched HTC Touch Diamond 2. This is probably one of the reasons why the HTC phone was such a big hit when it was first launched in the United States.

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is packed with superb features which gives it that unparalleled functionality. Considering the features that it has, the phone is relatively thin and lightweight. Its design is also classy and reeks with elegance. It also has a visually appealing interface which makes the HTC Touch Diamond 2 a perfect object to lust for. The operating system of the phone has also undergone a major facelift. In terms of speed, it is relatively fast. It has also become quite responsive even with the slightest of touch. The extraordinary 480×800 resolution of the display screen is also a force to reckon with. In addition, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 has been upgraded to be speedy and quick to respond. The interface does not also cause trouble even if the TouchFLO 3D is equipped with high resolution interface. Moreover, the HTC phone has enough battery power play QVGA to VGA. Unlike the other smart phones which have problems with call reception quality, call quality is exceptional and the flow of information over EDGE is also relatively fast.

Although, under the current smart phones standard, 3.2″ display may make it difficult for the fingers to touch and navigate the phone because of the limited display. As a result, it may be relatively difficult to read the text displayed in the web pages being viewed. In addition, the HTC Touch Diamond 2’s keyboard is a bit too small to enable the flexible navigation of the phone. It does not also have a port for the traditional ear phones.

In conclusion, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 will probably appeal to those who are hardcore believers of the Windows Mobile platform. In addition, a mobile phone enthusiast who is not keen on using a slider keyboard will find the HTC phone a useful piece of gadget. Hence, the phone is definitely a product that is worth to part your money with as you are assured of a quality smart phone at the most reasonable price you can get. That’s real value for your money! The next time that you are on the prowl for a brand new smart phone, you should place the HTC Touch Diamond 2 at the top of your priority list. This wonder product will certainly be a delight to have by the most discriminating mobile phone user.

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