Canon Vixia HF10 Camcorder – The Latest Jewel In Canon’s Crown


Canon Vixia HF10 Camcorder – The Latest Jewel In Canon’s Crown

Leaving behind recording on tapes and providing the latest format of flash memory based recording, Canon has brought Vixia HF10, creating a sensation of joy for the wide range of its shooters.

Competing with HDV for the high definition crown, this camcorder is the latest in the AVCHD range with the advantage of a flash memory which is the best till date. Also, its manual controls and features bring a happy surprise and joy to the followers of brand Canon.

After the outstanding acceptance of HV20 and HG10 in 2007, buyers are anticipating more from Canon Vixia HF10. To satiate these expectations, Canon has made its imaging chip in a compressed form which is more densely packed with pixels – 1/3.2 inches as against the previous 1/2.7 inches – and Canon has managed to maintain the image quality with this.

When used in bright light, the HF10 competes not only with the reigning king HV20 but also gets brownie points in terms of the resolution score. This small and dense chip is used efficiently even in dim light with a slight increase in noise but the benefits of higher resolution manage to hide this minor flaw.

Although its small size makes it a handy package, the drawback is that it loses out on a number of external controls which most regular users love. With only a joystick to use for all controls, many power users are left unsatisfied as they are unable to customize their own pictures.

However, with manual control options like multiple frame rate (60i/30P/24P), color and sharpening controls, focus controls, Aperture and Shutter Priority mode and a Cine mode to render colors in film-like quality, novices and professionals are both more than satisfied. Also, Canon has got itself Sony’s “Easy” button which makes the HF10 almost idiot-proof.

The recordings are done in AVCHD files which are better in terms of real time transfer taken for tapes but a headache for amateurs who face editing and compatibility issues. Also, they are very large and processor intensive.

In the Canon Vixia HF10 camcorder, you are provided with a 16 GB internal flash memory which is low but you can customize that according to your own needs by using memory cards like SD and SDHC which provide the extended memory. Also, inexpensive 4GB and 8GB memory cards can also be used. And, it is durable and sturdy and not susceptible to fall and requires less use of power.

Thus, apart from the difficulties for a new AVCHD user, the Canon HF10 camcorder is a good bet for regular shooters.

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