How Videos Can Help Online Marketing


The use of videos in online marketing is very important as it communicates your business better to the prospective customers; they can easily figure out what you have to offer and what your business is all about. The title and content of the video should reflect the business you are marketing online, and the video should also have the keywords that you are promoting.

How videos can promote your business

In many ways, videos have been proved successful and effective in online marketing:

  • Video marketing helps you establish credibility for your business. Customers tend to be distrusting and cynical; video marketing will help your customers see your face and deal with you instead of your company. People love to do business with people they trust, not with a nonfigurative company.
  • Video marketing enables you to spread your message across your audience and prospective buyers in any style and language that you like.
  • Video marketing helps inform and educate consumers on your business or product and your entire company, employees and services that you render. By nature, video is a visual method of passing information, so it is easier for consumers to watch a video tutorial than reading through a manual to understand a simple technique or point.
  • Video marketing tend to bring awareness about your product/service more quickly than any other medium and generate a considerable amount of traffic to your site.

Hurdles you might face while marketing through videos

As a marketer, you always stand the chance of having your ads ignored by customers. Adverts are everywhere- TV, magazine, radio and as such. As a result, customers tend to ignore online adverts and avoid clicking on the online video ads. To resolve the situation, you may use engaging title and descriptions.

Another issue in video marketing is the downloading and viewing problem. Most of times, downloading a video takes much longer time, due to net connection or browser complications. This can affect and drastically reduce the number of times customers see the video advertisements, and how well they make use of them. Viewing problems mostly occur due to complicated issues with a site or if the customer is viewing from a smart phone or any other mobile device. There will be a slow connection or the site may be too large for the phone or mobile device. Viewing problems also occur when the customer does not have the proper applications installed on his computer or mobile device. So, while marketing thorough videos, you must consider these factors.

Julian Hartley has been consulting in online marketing since 2001 and writes on behalf of Vionet Graphics, Inc – specialists in corporate branding and design services.

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