Customer Bounce Rate – How to Find and Fix It


A customer bounce rate refers to the percentage of single- page visits to a website. It denotes the number of times a customer left your website from the entrance webpage.

This metric also measures the visit quality on a website. Therefore, a high customer bounce rate indicates that the landing pages on your site are not relevant to the visitors.

How to Find Customer Bounce Rate
The customer bounce rate to a site can be found by using the following equation:

Bounce Rate= (Total visitors viewing one webpage) / (Total entries in a page)

Customers will typically bounce from a website by:

– Clicking on links leading to other websites

– Clicking the ‘Back’ button to leave your site

– Closing open tab or window sites

– Typing in a new URL

– Session timeout

Therefore, you will have to look for a strategy to prevent customers from leaving your website in the above mentioned methods. The following factors are also known to affect customer bounce rate:

– Streaming video, music and pop- up ads

– Search engine ranking of a page where pages with high ranks on irrelevant keywords will tend to have higher customer bounce rate

– The type of client audience visiting a site

– The design of a landing page

– Messages on the ads on a landing page

– Newsletters and emails

– The load time of a page (pages with longer load time will have a higher customer bounce rate)

– The goals your web page aims at achieving

How to Fix a High Customer Bounce Rate
Anyhow, you can use the tips in the following section to fix your website’s customer bounce rate:

– Ensure you have high rankings for the branded terms on your website

– Always strive to provide relevant and meaningful content for actual and potential customers

– Build clear and concise navigation menus and paths

– Link your site to glossary pages that define the industry terms you have used

– Place the search function in a more prominent section of the landing page

– Speed up the page load. Here, you can use the Google Page Speed plugin

– Eliminate all pop- up ads from your website

– Reduce all external links or ensure that they open in new windows whenever they are clicked on

– You should also create landing pages that are tailored for each of the keywords you have.

– Ads should also be linked to separate landing pages. This way, visitors and potential customers will have an easy time finding what you promised them in ad copies

– Don’t blast users with videos or music that plays automatically whenever they visit your landing pages

– Generate high quality content which matches the keywords and titles on your website

– Minimize the number of external links leading to other sites

– Ensure that you only use fast- loading pages on your website

– Come up with content that is more than 4 to 6 paragraphs

Overall, it is important to know the real customer bounce rate for your website. This way, you will be able to determine the strategy to use to fix the high bounce rate. Thereafter, it will be easy for you to ensure you make more sales through your website.

Roger is a contributor for Network Marketing Elite where you can get some useful information on MLM Success.

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