5 Marketing Technology Trends We Can Expect to See in 2013


Technology has only improved and developing and can make marketing more difficult if you’re not on top of it. For those struggling to keep up with the front runners, the gap will only get bigger as marketing with technology moves ahead just as quickly, if not more so, than in recent years. So here’s looking ahead to a few trends that are to be expected from 2013:

   1. Even more of a shakeup on privacy

With privacy rules becoming more and more limiting, these will continue to make it more difficult for marketers to work outside of permission boundaries. Earning customer interest through inbound marketing and content marketing will become more imperative based on their prevalence and cost effective platforms they have created in the past.

    2. Video content will improve

With copywriters churning out millions of articles and blogs, it is inevitable that the marketplace will become saturated soon. Expect to see more and more content in video form, fewer and fewer emails and more interactive marketing tools.

   3. Interpreting and understanding the weight of campaigns more fully

The elusive nature of cross channel marketing campaigns can be daunting, but more accurate systems that help understand the weighting of your efforts are just around the corner. If offline and online tracking become easier to do, customer behavior predictions and understanding can take that all-important step forward.

  4. Primary measures for marketing success will shift

Modern B2B marketing organizations will undoubtedly see a shift from lead production to opportunity creation in measuring their success to sales and, in turn, the whole organization. Prioritizing and implementing sales opportunities will increasingly become the way to push your company into the lead.

  5. Social media and hosted content will increase

Social marketing over the years has proved that marketers, like their customers, need to be social. Content on social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn means less need for the customer to visit your website but enhances the possibilities and using the right multi-media applications on these platforms and means that the already existing users can be used to an advantage.

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