Flip Ultra HD Camcorder – New King


Flip Ultra HD Camcorder – New King

Flip Ultra HD camcorders are the leaders in the market when it comes to camcorders. They are user-friendly apart from being cost-effective. Because of these traits, flip Ultra HD has become the most dominating brand in the camcorder market. With the launch of flip Ultra HD with an addition of many new features, flip Ultra HD is expected to take over a major chunk of market share.

Some of the key features of flip Ultra HD are:

  • It consists of 8GB of internal flash memory which can record up to 120 minutes of video of good quality.
  • Equipped with a HDMI output, it allows you video-viewing at highest quality on HDTV.
  • It also includes a built-in stereo microphone, a video-compression engine with a much better video performance.
  • It may appear larger when compared to flip minoHD but with 4 extra GB of memory to offer, it has lived up to its size.
  • It uses AA batteries for charging and gets charged while being connected to computer through the USB arm. A rechargeable battery pack is also available with this.
  • It comes with a 2 inch LCD on its back and can record 720p video to MP4 format. Managing and editing clips becomes easier with flip share software. With this, the flip Ultra HD has become an instant hit with frequent YouTube users and video bloggers. It has become even more significant now as YouTube has finally begun supporting HD video.
  • It has wider angle lens and can capture more vibrant colors, which makes for amazing pictures. The lens is fixed. The optical zoom and the moving parts are absent. A 2x digital zoom is present. The colors seem more filled and saturated. Also, it has better auto-white balance and exposure.
  • It performs equally well in low-light conditions and it has a very efficient zoom function. In low light conditions, the problem of noise levels is usually seen but with flip Ultra HD camcorders this has become almost negligible. But it cannot take still photos like other flip camcorders.
  • The look is mostly rubberized plastic with sides and USB connector made of metal.

With its storage capacity being doubled, footage becoming sharper with reference to colors better zoom features and replaceable battery all at the cost of $199, the flip Ultra HD camcorder wins hands down in the camcorder market.

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