Amazon Announced a Mini E-book Store: Kindle Singles


It is very obvious that all the tech companies are very much active these days, releasing their new products and software packages. In a very interesting move, online store site Amazon announced that they are going to launch a separate category in the Kindle Store that will be called as Kindle Singles. This new section Kindle Singles features works and writing that are longer than what we see in a usual magazine article or in other words the work in this section will be like as much as few chapters of a typical written book.

The statement issued by the company states that this shorter form of written work will be offered at a very low price, comparing to the other full length books available on the store. Amazon said that in most of the cases a document comprising of 10,000 to 30,000 words that roughly makes up 30 to 90 pages is a sort of a perfect document. It is the natural length to lay out a very particular idea that is well argued, well researched and concisely illustrated. It can be anything from a business lesson, a scientific argument or can be a political point of view as well.

Authors and writers will now be able to span out these ideas and Amazon is proving the place to funnel these ideas and these unorthodox pieces of creation. Amazon also said in a press release that it is urging serious writers, scientists, historians, publishers, politicians to join the company in making such kind of work and research available to all the readers and enthusiasts around the world.

Well for the time being, there is no word yet on the details that when the “Singles” service will be launched and how much these written “Singles” will cost to the readers. Moreover, speculation about their availability is also there that if they will be available to download from Amazon Digital Text Platform. But according to some analysts, these “Singles” will be available for a mere 49 cents and loads of free contents will also be available for the E-reader.

It makes sense that Amazon is tapping these shorter pieces of written work to beef up its market share and to spark more online sales. People now prefer short stories to be available on their E-readers, and in the future with more sophisticated Smartphones available, these contents will be transferred to these better platforms.

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