The 5 Best Cycling Apps for Your Mobile Device


It seems that each day the number of handy, helpful apps available for mobile devices just keeps getting bigger. There’s an app for just about everything, and cycling is certainly no exception with heaps of awesome new apps popping up all the time, just waiting to get into the hands of a keen cyclists to make life that little bit easier. Here are 5 great apps that you’ll find invaluable on the road.

The 5 Best Cycling Apps for Your Mobile Device


SizeMyBike is the first ever bike fitting mobile app. It will help you configure your bike to fit your personal dimensions. It uses six measurements of your body to compute the optimal measurements and configurations for a road or mountain bike that will suit you perfectly. By calculating the perfect fit and applying these to your daily ride, you’ll be able to increase your comfort and optimise your bike’s performance based on your own measurements. A perfectly fitted bike will also help you to avoid strain, pain and injuries.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

This app is presently the highest rated app of its kind, combining your exercise regime with your social network. It sets you up with a personal training diary, tracking all your workout activities and stats as you go. It’s great for motivation; with the ability to bring you live pep talks from your friends, audio feedback from your virtual coach, sets goals to reach and beat, and even lets you compete against your mates. It’s customisable and you can share all your stats between friends, but it does all the traditional stuff too, like tracking distances, heart rate, route, calories burned etc. It’s great for all sorts of distance-based sports making it a perfect all-in-one tracker for cross training. It’s highly customisable, unbelievably interactive and a real pleasure to use. Calorie Counter

Serious cyclists and weekend riders will all find this app really helpful for fitness. It allows users to monitor their food intake so that they can burn calories and fuel their fitness regime in a healthy and effective way. It can calculate your intake of calories, fats, carbohydrates and protein as well as how much you burn through your workouts. It uses an extensive online database of foods in conjunction with your own measurements, activities and intake as you keep track of your diet through the in-app food journal. You can set goals and even keep track of your water intake. It’s a great aid to help you with the nutritional aspect of your cycling.

Bike Doctor

This nifty app is a must have for cyclists. It’s like having your own personal bike mechanic at the tip of your fingers. It lets you know how to care for your bike properly and conduct regular, effective maintenance without having to take it for a service, making bicycle shops in Hobart and all across the nation a little nervous.

It also gives you step-by-step instructions, guided by visual aids, on how to fix a fault or repair damage, so you’ll never get stuck on the side of the road without a clue about how to get up and rolling again. It’s made simple so even a beginner can follow it with ease. It’s an invaluable tool for cyclists and will save you lots of time and money on bike repairs and servicing, as well as teach you all you need to know to become perfectly competent at caring for your beloved bike.

Bike Gears

Simple but effective, this app lets cyclists calculate and configure gear ratios, gear inches, development and gain ratios based on your own bike’s measurements. Whether you’re building a bike from scratch, repairing, upgrading components or converting configurations this app will take out all the guesswork, meaning you can get it right the first time. It’s easy to use and well worth the download, especially if you work on your own bikes.

These are just a handful of a whole bunch of wonderful apps that cyclists will just love, all worth a look and all impressive little feats of technology. Give them a go, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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