The iRead For PDF’s


The iRead For PDF’s

There is a areally large selection of applications made for PDF reading at it was almost impossible to choose from them. What all of them do have in common, is that they each lack a specific thing that should be mandatory on a PDF app.There is always a large amount of selected PDF’s I seem to have pulled up when I’m working.   I’ve turned my iPad (from my computer) into my personal workstation, so of course I need everything I had when work was done on my personal computer. Every PDF is saved in a specific file on the iPad, but you can only access them singularly, which is not my style at all. I started looking for an application that would allow me to bypass all the hassle of opening and closing PDF’s constantly.

The one that gave me all this and more was the iRead application. Instead of having a bunch of PDF’s open at the bottom of my screen, I now I have a choice of using tabs. It’s a lot like Photoshop in its tab style. . This whole setup is perfect for my workstation.

Laptops will always have the upper hand on the iPad, but the iPad is closing in on the competition quickly. You can imagine the smile on my face when I learned that the app was not only FREE, but perfectly styled to my way of working with multiple tabs.

The application is so good at copying the regular PDF application on my computer, it’s an enjoyable experience. All the things my laptop supported, are supported by my iPad as well.

If you nothing something suited directly to your work needs, you van pick and choose your buttons on the tool bar. You can pick your pages and in what order to view them, but the navigation systems for the PDF’s are great tools. Everything from the Command Library is very helpful.

If you need to access information quickly, the Bookmarks section can be color-coated and make it easier for you to do your work. Looking up annotations and highlights in one PDF is a great way to go quicker and faster on the application.

Everything the library includes is what every Library should be expected to have and also things you wouldn’t expect like a way to tag parts of the PDF among a couple other things.

If you need another option to sync between computers, you can use the Aji Software application on your iPad and it will work with iRead.

You have a large amount of choices if you need a PDF reading application. But if you sympathize with needing those tabs to get the job done, iRead is the way to go.

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