Fun Photo Apps for Your Android Phone


If creating hilarious photos is your habit, then you’re sure to love the new apps offered at the Google Play Store.

Camera Fun Free

First in line is the Camera Fun Free app. This app immediately applies effects on the photo the moment it is captured. There are already different lenses in the app so all that you need to do now is to change to all the ones that are provided. If you want it for free then you would have 6 different lens effects but if you’re willing to spend a little for it then you would be given a total of 29 different effects. So what are you waiting for, try the Camera Fun Free app now.

Paper Camera

Have you ever imagined viewing the world as if it is a cartoon? Now that’s no longer impossible, thanks to Paper camera. Like Camera Fun free, this app applies instant editing. So, when you turn your camera on, you will see real images turn into cartoon through the lenses. Not only can it turn the world into a cartoon, there are also other varieties of effects available such as comic, half tone, sketch and neon.

Lightbox Photos

This app is a good substitute for the new Android app, Instagram. Lightbox Photos lets you make your photos more fun and even provides a venue for sharing these photos via Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Foursquare. Your photos could also be viewed through a LIghtbox account.

LINE Camera

If you like adding post effects like frames and filters to your photos, then choosing LINE camera is a smart option. This app provides 100 frames, 600 stamps, 18 filters and 156 brushes. If you want to be more creative, you can create your own personal stamp. Afterwards, you’ll be able to share your photos through LINE and other social networking sites.

Photo Warp

Photo warp is the best app if you want to have a good laugh with people’s faces. Make things look bizarre through warping, bending and distorting the photo. Make yourself look like an alien by simply moving the cursor and dragging around the photo’s pixels. Once done, you can already share the photos online.

Camera Illusion

Adding cool effects, filters and masks is what’s offered by this fun app. Although this app only has plain photo editing, what you can enjoy is the great quality images it can produce. To acquire more from this app, use the pro version.

Doodle Text

If you love to doodle on paper, why not try doodling on your Android device. Try a new way of sending text messages by drawing your messages on photos through Doodle Text!.

Funny Camera

This app stores all features to tease you. Play around with lots of funny frames and cameras offered. All you have to do is fit your head on the holes of the frames.

Image Faker

This is more or less like the Funny Camera app. However, in here, you have to choose a photo from your files and insert it on the frame. You can even create wallpapers, backgrounds, photo montages, illusions and others. Share this with your friends through MMS or facebook.


Lastly, create realistic photo enhancements through hats, glasses and facial hair that Faces offers. With faces, fool your friends through the cool and realistic effects that you could add.

So what are you sitting there doing nothing for? Download a couple of these very fun apps and make your very own hilarious Kodak moment.

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