The Clear and Dependable Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite


This Suite is capable of performing any task involving files and hard discs imaginable:  copying disc partitions from 1 disc to another one; resizing partitions; and preparing discs for complicated multiboot installations on Windows.  Its application is equal to backing up and restoring everything from entire hard discs to the subjects of files sets that you have specified; wiping information from partitions or entire drives; and copying hard discs to images that are bootable in Microsoft Virtual PC and VMware Workstation.  This type of total disc management is always subject to risk, but this suite has awesome safety features attached to it that go a long way to instilling a high level of confidence.

Paragon’s UI has a clearer interface than a lot of other disc management computer programs, like ACronis Disk Director Suite 10 and Easus Partition Manager Professional 5.  The Express Interface navigates the user to particular tasks, including either expanding your existing partitions or splitting  them; clearing information from either your partitions or the free space available on your hard drive; and creating backups of emails; important documents; and even entire drives to archive files.  It also allows for the installation of an advanced boot manager, which allows you to boot both Windows and Linux very easily on the same disc.  These tasks can all be performed in conjunction with other tools, some of which are even available free of charge, but the clearness and dependability of the Paragon wizards make it worth the cost.

Users that are more advanced will probably favor the more conventional hard disc management dialog, composed of a tree type diagram that displays the structure of your disk at the top of the screen along with a diagram in the style of a graph along the bottom.  You are able to select a partition here, by right clicking on it, and then select one of an immense amount and mixture of tasks, with basic choices like either testing a partition or renaming it, combined with more esoteric kinds like altering the particular edition of the NTFS file system in use on a partition in Windows. A partition explorer allows you to pull files out of external discs, or from the types of partitions that are generally concealed from Windows.  For the really brave, and highly skilled, there is a direct disc editor, which will allow you to alter the existent bytes on your disk.  There is also a menu item which will allow you to burn a CD that is bootable, carrying a similar group of tools that you would be able to use should your system become too badly damaged which will permit you to boot directly into Windows.


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