HP ZR30w Review


The HP ZR30w has a great standard performance but it is not a recommendable monitor when there are other much better 30 inch monitors available in the market, at lower prices.

Features and Design

The HP ZR30w monitor is a humungous monitor with the screen size of 30 inches. The measure of its panel has ultrawide measurement of 27.2 inches and a depth of 2 inches in the beginning with a full length of 3 inches. The footstand of the monitor measures a full width of 17 inches and a depth of 10.6 inches. There is also a screen height adjustment option present in the monitor alongwith rotation and a back slant of 35 degrees. The thickness of the bezel is 0.9 inches and the measure of the screen from the desktop is 5.2 inches at the highest and 1.6 inches from the lowest. The right side corner on the bottom of the bezel is a collection of buttons that are lined up horizontally. The buttons are an inch broad that gives a soft pop on pressing; these include options for brightness, power and source.

The connections of the HP ZR30w have a DVI, a Display port, one upstream USB and four downstream USB ports.


When the HP ZR30w was tested on its display mate based performance through the DVI input after connecting it to a Windows Vista PC via a DVI cable, the result gives a display of composite score 95. It also performed greatly on other tests of color scales showing a good display of careful shifting from dark to light scales. In the color tracking test however, an appearance of a heavy green shade was noticed. The movie watching experience remains good except for this interruption of the green shade at times.

When tested on the gray scale bars test, the monitor indicated a good black level performance. Also, the performance of the HP ZR30w monitor on the uniformity and dark screen tests was good except a little bleed through behind on the backlight. Inert streaking was observed and it could clearly be seen, this showed the large changes in contrast.

One of the biggest problems faced in the HP ZR30w was the unadjusted performance of the brightness on the backlight. Here, this problem is looked into different contexts.


There were no color problems in black text on a white background and the fonts were evident to a size of 6.8.


The movie performance was tested by playing the Blu-ray version of “Avatar” and profound black colors could be visible on the screen. The 3D faces looked good and natural with no shade problems but only the little green shade could be felt.


StarCraft II is the new judging tool for testing color and brightness quality in games. The result was not compelling and limited the gamers to their 24 inches monitor screens.

There was also a Display Mate Motions test used and it was tested in the context of photos. The photos came out to be very good with highly absorbed and accurate color shades. This monitor limits its users to a number of recommended settings and viewing angles. Since it does not have any other control option than brightness, it is very limited in the customization.

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