Review: The Best Way To Conference Using Photoshop World


Review: The Best Way To Conference Using Photoshop World

If your looking forward to the classes scheduled at the Photoshop World Vegas classes, you are not the only one.  Jokingly, last year was a great year, getting to visit all the different booths (including Terry) and the fact that I couldn’t plug in that to my Photoshop schedule was the only thing I would have updated about the day. I had a good experience with adding the classes I had planned out, but everything else I had to rely on putting down on my regular calendar schedule. Well, whoever said words were’t powerful should take a look at the newest version that Shawn Welch has made electronically indestructible.  What I love about this application is how well they listened to what the customers (and I) wanted from the app and then they delivered it in a nicely wrapped little box. This application is now available to work with anything (its universal). The great thing for me was the update to how you can input things on the schedule.  Even as a generic conferencing application, it has been upgraded with cool little things like a way to change your status on Facebook and other social features. If you need someone else to partake in your schedule, it has been enabled with bumping, which allows its users to automatically check each others schedules out from their own devices. Every little detail down to secondary class options has been though about by the developers of this application.

The News on Exhibits, Classes To Take and Instructors

Here is the easiest task on the planet. Pick an instructor your dying to see, and then watch as all of the available classes he will be teaching pops up right in front of your eyes and makes it a reality for you. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but it is a really nice change from the last version. You shouldn’t have any empty spots on your schedule and if thee is one, you just need to click the open spot and everything available at that time will be there to pick from.  Exhibits are also listed if your interested in checking out the floor. I bumped my iPhone to my iPad and instantly had my schedule updated on both devices. I also was able to share it with some friends who attended as well and this made it easy to meet up with them to go to classes and exhibits together.  Everything on this application is very accessible and really fun to use because of its cool features and great ways to save time.

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