Nav9’s Tablet for Windows 7


Nav9’s Tablet for Windows 7

Small Review:

This is a yet another tablet being introduced to the others out there. Whether it come up to the competition or not is if you even like Windows 7. If you don’t, you should just find a different tablet to play with.

The Add-On’s:

  • Has a 9-inch touch screen which is resistive to touch
  • You can either have nothing on it, or Windows 7
  • Great for all ports
  • Retailed at about $1024 USD when you add stuff on,  about $600 USD regularly

The Upside:

  • A nice tablet that works well with Windows 7 and is even quite portable
  • You should have no problems upgrading it to your liking with all the ports
  • Nice contrast and color

The Downside:

  • Not impressed with the multi-touch functions
  • In need of a good stylus because it’s not good for touch
  • Just like everything else out there and pretty generically boring

The Main Squeeze:

Some may not be too glad about Windows 7 getting granted a touch screen tablet, as most are familiar with hoe clumsy the precision is. But to their defense, they have put out a pretty mice setup, and it really is a sturdy little piece of equipment. You wonder why they were so quick about putting it out though instead of maybe working on some things.

The device that I was equipped with was a little different so I’ll update you about what was on mine:

  • An Atom N280 with 1.66 GHz
  • A 2GB 667MHz with a  DDR2 Ram
  • A 32GB SSD
  • A 3G modem with a personal SIM
  • A 9? 1024×600 touchscreen
  • 3- USB ports and ScanDisk slot with an 8 GB card and has an adaptor to go with it
  • A webcam that has been installed as forward facing

Windows 7 is going to be a little but different in how they appeal to different people. Most people out there are familiar with tablets as something like an iPad, where the functions are limited but readily available for those who only need those certain features. This tablet is going to target a different area.

This is Windows 7 we’re talking about here, so you’re going to have a lot more options than with the other ones, and hopefully a little bit quicker. If you are planning on stepping your system up with some applications, you should have no problem getting them opened at a nice pace and also having it pick up from a sleep nice and quick as well. The only thing that really brings lag to this computer is the startup. Depending on what you’re doing on the tablet and if you are utilizing things like 3G or not, will really count on where your battery life will stand, but it should be okay for about 3 hours give or take.

With everything put together, you’re going to need about 32GB of space for some of the stuff on here, including ports and like. If you want change and upgrades for certain features, you are allowed to send it in, but you also have to acknowledge the fact that if you do upgrades yourself, you’re going to void the warranty.

This specific device won’t offer you a lot unless you are going to use it as a work-based tablet, then you’ll have a nice little work station.

As far as being a little in the customizing areas, you can do it yourself and be happy with it, but my experience thus far with nothing put into it, it is just plain bland.

The only time you’ll actually have to utilize the stylus is when you want to perform writing functions, otherwise the touch screen capabilities weren’t too far off notch. You have to look at the screen dead on to get a good view of it, which is kind of a bummer but it makes up for it in the brilliant colors and contrast that is offered.

Plastic was the main ingredient it but it was surprising solid. All of the hook-ups that you are going to need to use are going to be accessed by either the right or left sides of the device. You have to get through a layer of thin plastic to get to the internal buttons, but this wasn’t really a problem.

Sometimes, I’ve noticed with some tablets they tend to heat up pretty quick because the SSD doesn’t function very well on some models. On this tablet it was always a nice experience because it was quiet and very cool and smooth. For a tablet, it weighs in at a regular tablet weight of about 2 pounds. I liked the chunkiness of the tablet, because that’s what tablets should feel like and this one felt good when I needed to use it.

What I Conclude:

More than likely, if you are checking out the market as a regular consumer looking for a fully functional tablet, this is not going to be the product for you. The quality of the product is good, but not great in any areas concerning upgrades and customizations as you would need to do that all yourself. You might just want to wait until some other varieties come out to make a decision on this one, but if you can’t go ahead and take the plunge.

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