The Best Way to Charge is With the Eton Soulra


The Best Way to Charge is With the Eton Soulra

Small Review:

This model of this iPod playing device is one of my favorites to take with me wherever I go. It’s one of those rare devices that will allow you to transport it wherever you want and still have the solar power to work just fine.


  • A battery package that you can re-charge
  • A nice case that keeps water out of the device and a metal frame
    inputs for a media device
  • Great sound quality that includes awesome bass
  • A light that shows when you need to re-charge the battery
  • Also can accommodate an AC chord

The Upside:

  • Fun and outdoorsy, made well
  • If you use the battery through the AC chord, then you should have plenty of battery time
  • Great auditory functions
  • The handle is a good addition to the model because it gets used a lot
  • It not only plays your iPhone, but will charge it as well

The Downside

  • Starts to sound funny if you turn it up too high
  • The wait time for a full solar charge is ridiculous
  • Solar charging will heat up the iPhone to the point where it won’t want to function anymore
  • Retailed at about $200

More Information

A Detailed Look:

If you’re familiar with the brand name, you may have seen them do lower scale projects. This will be their first attempt at a working iPhone charger/player. I don’t know how good of an idea it is to mix a solar powered music box with an iPhone player, but that’s what they are attempting with this Soulra model. But it’s nice to have both options (electrically or through solar).

I like the fact that the device can charge itself and the iPhone as well. We were able to use all the iDevices, except for the first one to power it up in this solar radio and they all worked just fine.

If you’re willing to sit in the sun for 10 hours, then your dead battery will be received, but unless you’re a yoga instructor, you’re probably not interested in the UB rays. As long as you don’t turn the audio up too much and you charge the battery before you leave, the sun will do the rest for a respectable amount if time.

The bass on the Soulra could use a bit more wattage although they claim it be at 11 as is. It sounds like the speakers are going to blow if I turn it up too much and I like loud music and don’t like fact that I have to really watch the volume. Not to say it’s not loud enough for certain events, but just not loud enough for me.

You have to put quite a bit of money into this device. There are also other devices just like the Soulra (function-wise) that may be a little more expensive but give you much more bang for your buck. You’re going to buy it because your partial to solar and that’s all there is to it.

Here’s a really silly thing that Eton didn’t consider. When pushing the Soulra to solar charge, it’s also overheating and making my iPhone die. Not cool.

What I Conclude:

I liked having this device because it’s so portable and cozy looking. They offer the solar, but I wouldn’t consider that it’s top feature. A lot of working people that can listen to music will probably really gravitate towards this. A lot of people will go for this idea if they are “green” and enjoy the fact that it can keep water out of its’ insides. It’s just not a good idea for me because I don’t want to ruin my iDevice.

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