4 Things To Consider Before You Buy Drones


Quad copter Drones are also known as quad rotor or quad rotor helicopter. They are also defines as a multicolor helicopter that are basically propelled & lifted by 4 rotors. These drones aren’t just for film crews & paparazzi in fact these days they are also used by different people all over the world. You might be wondering that their prices must be high. Well, you will be shocked to know that the beginner’s drone model even cost less than $100 in fact even the drone with a camera does not cost that much as you might think.

4 Things To Consider Before You Buy Drones

Although drones aren’t complicated but there are certainly few things that one should consider when they shop for a Drone. Thus, these factors are further listed below:

  1. Legal Requirements – An individual doesn’t need any particular license to operate this amazing thing but yes they certainly need to follow some rules by FAA. The most significant rule amongst them is that a person should never fly them above & around people in fact it should always be in a particular sight. To gather more information you can also visit
  2. Drone Controls – You will be surprised to know that most of the drones generally use remote controls that particularly come with 2 joysticks. They mostly look like a PlayStation or Xbox controller. The first stick controls what’s known as the attitude of the quad copter comprising pitch (i.e. tilting up & down) and roll (i.e. tilting left & right) whereas the other stick basically controls throttle & the rotation of the quad copter. One of the best remote control is one that perfectly fits into the hand of the person thus, providing a smooth, responsive feel that essentially allows an individual to guide a drone by a single touch.
  3. Batteries – There are very few drones in the market that offer more than 10-20 minutes of battery life. Hence, an easily swapped battery can give an individual more flying time without any hassle. Since, this feature comes mostly in expensive models that have a spare battery that costs more than $100 at times. Inexpensive drones generally have built-in batteries that can’t be swapped out and they usually cost about $400.
  4. Camera – Another key factor to take into consideration is whether you want a drone with camera or without one. Well, you might find various varieties of drones with camera at very low cost but simultaneously these cameras capture low—resolution video to an internal memory card. One can also purchase high-definition drone camera that might be little costly initially but it is always considered as one of the best buy. These days there are various drones that are coming up in the market some drones even offer video goggles for the incredible pilot-seat flying experience.

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