The Mac’s New Gyration Air Mouse Elite


The Mac’s New Gyration Air Mouse Elite

Small Review:

A great mouse that incorporated air gyration but isn’t without its problems. It’s nice and confortable for those people who prefer comfort over anything else in their mouse.

The Add-Ons:

  • Has compatibility with OSX
  • Is used as a wireless gyrating mouse
  • Has eight buttons total and 3 are able to be programmed
  • A regular default mouse come ready-to-use
  • Retailed at about $80

The Upside:

  • Has a quick speed and usually doesn’t fly too off course its targets
  • Very easy design
  • A good quality optical mouse included

The Downside:

  • Has a few minor problems
  • Doesn’t fare too well when you start double-clicking
  • Can’t take it too many places

The Meat and Potatoes:

This mouse is actually old news, but with the rising of the OSX and this mouse being incorporated, I thought it best to get down to some facts about this air gyration mouse.

Gyration is how the mouse actually works. It’s a little different that a laser or ball. If you don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about, take for instance the remote for the game system Wii. It’s pretty much the same thing but the line of sight is nixed and you just use whatever wireless device that this little guy uses.

Everything went well except for one thing when I went to go and install the mouse to my computer. The only thing that didn’t fly was the personalization of my gestures; it wouldn’t allow me to change them. O I uninstalled it and went right back and started it over again onto my computer and had success the second time around. If I ever need to make changes, all I have to do is visit the toolbar. It’s a real self-explanatory type of object and doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out to operate it. It is used just like any other mouse but with more functionality. So with all the buttons, the one that you can customize is the mouse tracking and a couple others.

The overall body of the device kind of looks like something right off of Star Trek. For normal people, like me, it takes a lot of getting used to because your hand is kind of weirdly placed on the left and right buttons and it’s completely awkward the first couple of times that you use it. I couldn’t change the one thing that bugged me above all else and that was the double-clicking issue. When you simply hit one of the buttons, even just one tiny bit, your mouse will move around. You have to keep repeating clicks if you want to get anything done, it’s ridiculous. You have to make a game out just double-clicking and single clicking and it’s just tiresome after a while. If there was totally separate button I could hit to engage a double-click mode, I think I would like the mouse la little bit more.

You get what you need rom the gestures department of the mouse and it really lets you work customizations with all of your different apps. The gestures are helpful but they lack something that their competition definitely covers and that is left to right movement

I like how they really put some thought into the mouses gestures for things like meeting that use some kind of presentation on the mouse. There really are a whole lot of different things you can accomplish on a presentation with this mouse. You relay have to know how to go about using the mouses different options before you and go on presenting things with it.

T does have a good amount of stability no matter what kind of other problems it may have. The time it takes to send out a response is so good it’s completely unnoticeable in every way. You don’t want to use it for precision exactly, like drawing very intricate things are using for finding small iconic things, but for the big picture, it will work well. You really have to get acquainted with this product in order to master it. Otherwise, you’ll just kind of get by with it.

If you just need to rest your brain and use this mouse a regular piece, you can do that as well. Put the mouse down and use like you would your computers default mouse and you don’t have to worry about using it any other way. Although you have to stick in on a charger so you’re limited to where you can take it, you will always have a wireless device.

What I Conclude

I don’t think if you purchase this, you’re going to sit nicely at your personal computer and start working. This mouse just doesn’t work that way unless you’re using it regularly. When you think of a mouse and its functions you pretty much think of pointing and clicking, which is kind of humorous because that is exactly what feature this device seems to lack the most of all. You really just have to know what you want when you go out to purchase this mouse and usually you will know this is the exact model that you need. Don’t get this is your going to just use for intricat5e gaming experiences or drawing, you’re going to fail miserably and feel stupid for spending the retail $80 dollars for it. If you’re really lucky, you may find it on sale since it’s not a brand new product

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