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Cellphone service provider AT&T has introduced its latest U-Verse Mobile Application to Google’s Android powered phones. AT&T announced on Monday that that as Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system platform in the present times, so company is planning to tap into this lucrative software market. AT&T is basically trying to take advantage of the expanding platform by introducing its TV viewing software on the Android platform and several other Smartphones out there in the market.

So what is U-Verse Mobile? It is basically a mobile service that allows the subscribers to have two variants of the service, first is the AT&T U-Verse IPTV (normally called as Internet Protocol Television) that allows viewing a program guide. Moreover, it allows scheduling a DVR that is a typical Set-Top box digital video recorder; this variant enables download of selected shows for the viewing of the handset. This U-Verse service is already available on the mobile phones and Smartphones like Apple iPhone and two of the Blackberry models. The company said that they are going to offer this Mobile service on the latest Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices as well and AT&T has formally announced this latest variant.

On Monday, the U-Verse Mobile Service was made available for the Google’s Android market and as far as handsets are considered, the service is initially available on HTC Aria Android powered phone and Samsung Captivate phone. U-Verse mobile service will also be a part of the upcoming Motorola handsets namely the Motorola Flipside phone and Motorola Bravo Phone. AT&T on Monday in its press release said that all of the U-Verse users can download this new U-Verse Mobile version from the Android application market, but the company has said in its release statement that it will only work on the phones which are named in the list.

AT&T spokeswoman Jenny Bridges said in a statement that the company introduced its U-Verse Mobile application for its iPhone customers in the start of the year and now they are bringing the application to the Android platforms few months later. AT&T has still not disclosed that how many subscribers are there in total for the U-Verse mobile application.

U-Verse service provides a total of 400 channels of TV delivered over the company’s fiber, moreover the service is offered in several packages including the plans bundled with the availability of internet broadband and cellphone service. Extending its domain of services, AT&T is pursuing its dream of spanning its services across multitude of platforms ranging from TV, PCs and now the mobile phones. U-Verse subscribers require having a U300 package activated that costs around $82 a month.

With U-Verse Mobile, up and running downloads are available for numerous shows ranging from the Disney channel, ESPN, ABC and Animal planet. All the registered subscribers can only download the shows over a WiFi network and can store them on their designated devices for later viewing option. According to the company spokeswoman, the only limitation in this download mania is the space on the cellphones, otherwise it is ‘all you can download’ sort of a thing.

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