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Lala Dot Com Shuts Down and Crowns iTunes


Lala Dot Com Shuts Down and Crowns iTunes

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Lala is a product of Apple that deals with trading music on the internet and they have a wide variety of music at affordable prices. The apple company has converted all Lala’s music products to iTunes. Lala has taken account of the importance of its clients and thus offered them with suitable options. Due to the integrity of Lala, they have found it necessary to inform their clients on the intentions of closing down. The iTunes is a suitable and good option for those music lovers who have been very loyal to Lala.

The intended date of Lala closing its doors is May 31st. Lala offered its existing clients credit whose value was commensurate to the ones Lala web song buyings that can be utilized at the iTunes Apple store. For those who had previously downloaded and bought the MP3 sound tracks from Lala, they would continue to be enjoyed even after Lala’s shut down. For those who had balances and those who had not yet repossessed their gift cards they shall access them as iTunes credits. For those who will not be relocating to iTunes they shall receive their credit on demand. The deadline for repossesing the gift cards was 31st May. More details can be sought at

The email sent out by Lala to their clients stipulated that the internet sound tracks that had been bought will be translated to iTunes and the client may opt to get credits on the iTunes instead. For those who are interested in relocating to iTunes they shall receive equal measure of their credit provided they seek for the same before 31st May.

As proof of their closure, Lala are no longer admitting new members and they have also transformed their home page to include a closure sign. The current users are legible to access their home page and thus can enjoy last minute offers.

Lala closed down on May 31, 2010.

For those who have used the services of Lala before they can present their views in the comments category and can also register to the groovyPost RSS feed entirely free. They will receive daily updates on their emails.

Lala has carried out their closure with ut most transparency and accountability as they have made all the necessary provisions for their existing clients. As it is bye bye lala we hope that it will be important for the clients to embrace the next best alternative available in the market.

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