CLP 770 from Samsung: Outstanding Printer for Hefty Business


CLP 770 from Samsung Outstanding printer for hefty business

CLP 770 will be the best choice if you are looking out for a fast, high quality printer, with inexpensive consumables. This printer priced $899 is ideal for office which requires heavy printouts daily. With heavily built body weighing 63 pounds it cannot be mounted on the desktop. Basically designed for office usage, this model from Samsung offers both wireless connection and power chord connection.

The grey colour may not be appealing and stylish but CLP 770 contains all the essential features of a good printer. The front portion has a multipurpose tray which can hold 100 sheets of paper. Two white straps are helpful in moving the tray inward and outward.

The input tray can accommodate up to 600 sheets. If this is not sufficient for your office requirements, then you can add optional tray which can hold 1600 sheets of paper. This feature is appreciated by the office which makes hefty printouts each day.

A handle is equipped in the printer for opening the front flap to expose the internal organs of the printer. This model has four coloured toner and a black cartridge. Remember to place the correct colour in the respective place before closing the flap over it.

One toner cartridge can produce around 7,000 printouts and hence this model is the cheapest of all other competitors making it accountable for the lowest cost for one page.

The front panel has four keys for managing its functions. The menus in the button are well designed and easy for operation. Some elements are repeated in the driver also creating little confusion. The output tray can contain 350 sheets and once it exceeds the storage capacity the printer will stop functioning till the papers are removed from the tray.

Before starting the printout, remember not to insert your finger inside the panel where the fuser unit is located. It may burn your finger even if you touch it unknowingly. And also remember to keep the cover intact otherwise it may damage OPC drums inside.

It was simple to install the printer after unpacking. Just connect the printer using power chord and install the driver and you are ready to go. The driver lacks some settings and tools but it can be done by sliders. Apart from that, the driver also provides number of other options. The model supports varying paper sizes from envelope paper to transparency paper.

When printing is going on, you can monitor the work from the computer which displays the settings of the driver providing complete details.

The CLP 770 from Samsung not only excelled in speed but also in processing printing. The capacity of CPU and RAM are accountable for this processing speed. It could print at high speed in all 3 modes namely Draft mode, Normal mode and Best mode. The printout of photos is outstanding in any mode and is capable of producing multiple printouts within seconds. Samsung has designed this model to output more than one million copies per month.

Above all, the quality is remarkable with this printer. The results proved the worthiness of this device in different modes and various documents. Without doubt, CLP 770ND is the only printer which caters to your hefty business needs of thousands of prints with great speed and high quality.

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