T2i DSLR Camera from Canon


T2i DSLR Camera from Canon

This model of camera is a wonderful DSLR and an efficient video recorder with reasonable price within your budget.

The review made by me is subjective in nature. I tested for the quality of image and found that this model has a better quality than other models. I was waiting for the launch of T2i for quite lengthy period. I tried with several other pieces but none was satisfactory. Only T2i can stand up to its promise made by T1i. This model is a solid consumer camera and an adaptable electronics instrument.

It contains an excellent LCD screen, an improved video mode ahead of its earlier version and great mega pixels. This camera is available for $800 which is not the usual price for a fresher camera and it will always carry the admiration of professional photographers and movie makers.

The assembly of the camera is similar to that of earlier models and is thicker than Xsi model. It contains molded buttons, with sharp edged hand grip, with a straightforward live view key.

It has a resolution screen which has higher capacity like that of T1i. You are in for a surprise if you have not tasted the resolution of this T2i DSLR. You need not waste time for zooming in the pictures and focusing them with this resolution.

The flash is used for taking snap shots. If you flashed the focus in dim lighting then it creates an effect which gives a distorted look for your photos.

The newly added eighteen mega pixels produce big sized images and an improved performance even in dim light conditions. If you wish to keep away from noise then do the ISO setting manually, instead of using controls. The quality of the image produced has been tested and found to be standardized.

The T2i produces extraordinary videos. If you start using a fast lens fitted into your camera using a focus ring also, then you could become a professional cinematographer quickly. In my opinion, T2i is the right choice for casual photographers.

After I started using this camera, I found myself behaving like a professional adjusting the settings reading the field easily. You can conveniently take 60 frames per second while shooting and this figure is somewhat insufficient. The quality of video is quite decent and not much influenced by encoding.

I choose to stick on with the manually operated focus instead of using the auto focus ring. If you are not feeling comfortable for operating the focus manually then change your camera which has fixed focus. And those pocket cameras are really having good performance and they are inexpensive.

One drawback in taking motion pictures is it empties the battery life quickly. I have started adding hard drive into my computer.

For avoiding shaky pictures it is better if you buy any tripod stand for mounting the camera. Also you have to possess 1080p of monitor also for loading your pictures. It would be good if you purchase a microphone device since the in built mike is very small.

The T2i would be the right choice camera with fun video and remarkable photos. The piece is ideal for video expert who knows the drawbacks of DSLR videos.

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