Elite Book 8540W From HP With Excellent Screen, Sharp Images


Elite book 8540w from HP with excellent screen, Sharp images

This model from HP is for the mobile lovers who want high quality on screens. The outstanding LCD screen attracts many users especially those interested in photography and video editing. Overall with its Blue ray reader and HD resolution and 3 Dimensional processors this laptop grabs the award for the best entertainer.

It is worth paying 3,107 dollars for its outer case of glossy surface and a strong plastic coating below the case. This slimmer model weighing 7.1 pounds makes it easier for carrying on the go. The entire credit for this laptop goes to its 15.6 inches screen of Dream colour having an 18 bit colour reproduction of over billion shades. This model is most suitable for office work with its sharp textual image and non-glare matte screen of superb finishing.

The 8540w Elite book has excellent colour calibration software apart from separate hardware for $349 (if you need up gradation). The device produced great results when tested for colour contrast with photos from digital camera.

The laptop holds a web camera of 2 mega pixels which produces superb images in dim light. The keyboard and number pad is located below the LCD screen. You will be at ease to operate its keyboard due to the stylish look and responsiveness.  You would activate the web or mute the playback if you unknowingly touch them when operating on keyboard.

The 8540w Elite book has 2 USB ports, proviso for Ethernet and e-SATA with Fire wire connection and a dial up in built modem. Two or three displays can be had simultaneously using an optional processor. Flash card supports memory sticks, picture cards apart from multi media format.

The right side of the laptop has an optical drive, 2 USB port, Ethernet drive, and a modem. You can buy this device with various options of memory cards and processor units depending upon your usage. Different SSD are also obtainable with 250 GB capacity or 160 GB capacity. If you are in need you can upgrade the RAM also.

The chip which run with 2.8GHz sped is able to focus the entire power into a single thread when needed. The scores of Elite book were well above average on the multimedia testing and Cine bench testing. It showed better results when tested on Vantage test, and video test by Sony Vegas.

Similarly on the test conducted for graphics and games the laptop performed well with DirectX 9 games only and not with Direct X 10 games mode. But it cannot withstand its life for longer duration and the battery lasted only for one and half hour hence not suitable to use during travel.

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