Medical Devices And Their Uses


Medical device technology is the application of an invention or appliance to lengthen the time of a patient, ease pain and lessen the possibility of an illness. Medical technology is for used for surgical and medical procedures, diagnostic tests as well as cutting edge medical devices such as MRI scanners. It can also be an apparatus used in surgery, perhaps an implant for example.

In the whole medical device industry, innovations are continually happening, thus bringing about essential change in patient care.

It is thought that modern medical technology is to a certain extent, responsible for the increasing cost of health care. In the United States, the whole cost of complete health care seems to be rising at a yearly rate of approximately ten percent and is presently liable for 18-20% of GDP.


It is approximated that modern medical technology is responsible for at least part of the rise in medical costs, currently being felt in the United States. It is therefore vital to assess the cost efficiency when new devices are being conceived in the lab and should hopefully encourage health care providers to make a well-versed choice on which procedures or medications should be paid for.

There are a lot of thrilling careers that exist in the medical field, especially around designing medical instruments. Not a techy? Then fear not, medical device marketing can bring together science, technology, medicine, and marketing into a single demanding career. Medical device marketers normally work for medical device manufacturing companies.
Examples of highly developed technologies that are used in medicine consist of: antidepressants, medical and surgical procedures, medications such as targeted therapies for cancer, medical devices such as MRI machines among others, screening tests like waste occult blood for colorectal cancer, electronic support systems such as electronic medical records, and telemedicine. The applications or use of medical technologies comprise of analysis of diseases, cure of diseases, avoidance of diseases, screening for diseases, psychoanalysis , computerization and reducing errors and recuperating the value of life of patients.

The United States invests $130 billion yearly on the study of new medical technologies. A third of the money invested is paid by the government. The pharmaceutical and medical appliance industries among others contribute approximately half of the cost of the study and progress of the latest medical device technology. As medical device technology moves forward with the rest of the world’s technical improvements, new medical appliances are made and marketed.

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