5 Great Free Drupal Themes for Businesses


5 Great Free Drupal Themes for Businesses

For businesses, Drupal is a natural choice for their content management system. Not only does it provide a platform that is easy to maintain and update, but more importantly it is flexible enough to build, quite literally, any kind of site that one can imagine.

This gives businesses the flexibility they need with their site to let it grow and evolve over time without changing platforms. One can start out with a static site, add a blog or a forum later and then open up a full-blown store, all with simple changes to Drupal.

However, one of the best features of Drupal is its theme system that makes it easy to change the look and feel of your site with the click of a mouse. Best of all, since Drupal has such a strong business orientation, there are a slew of great free themes available for it that targeted at corporate sites.

Though there are too many to count, here are just five of the best themes that showcase what Drupal can do for business and with no money spent on software or design.


Orange is a good example of a “standard” business site layout done in Drupal. With a dropdown navigation menu, a strong visual center and a clean, professional layout, Orange is a theme that can be quickly customized to make a Drupal site look as professional as almost any expensive corporate site.

However, if you use this theme, the Skinr Module is strongly recommended as it adds additional options and configurations.


Dandland is another solid example of a traditional corporate site layout with a either a large image or a slieshow at the center of the page, a dropdown navigation menu and a flexible three-column layout below.

Danland also comes with a blog-oriented subtheme for sites that want to focus more on dynamic content and has some 17 different collapsible block regions for greater flexibility.


Sometimes a complicated them is not called for. In these cases, Aperture may be a good choice. A simple, clean theme with 13 different color combinations it’s likely the easiest theme on this list to start up a new site with and it provides a professional, basic look that quickly provides fundamental information about a business.

A great theme for those who want to use Drupal to build and maintain their site, but don’t need too many features right off the bat.

Acquia Propser

Acquia Prosper is a monochromatic theme for Drupal targeted exclusively at only at online stores and ecommerce sites. Specifically targeted at users of the Ubercart suite for Drupal, Acquia Prosper is easily customized and extremely flexible.

Acquia Prosper requires both Skinr and Fusion Core, the theme it is based upon.


Another traditional business site layout, Busy offers a variety of headers and styles that make it easy to get started with a theme. However, unlike others on this list, Busy is more blog/press release-oriented, making it a useful theme for sites that want to give updated information on their company but still have a corporate-looking site.

This theme is also the newest on this list and has many improvements and features still yet to be added to it.

And Many Others

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the many business-oriented Drupal themes available. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in this list, the easiest way to get started is to visit the Drupal theme repository and search some for yourself, there are dozens more available.

All in all, Drupal is a CMS that a business can’t go wrong with. It’s power and flexibility make it a natural choice and its themes only give another reason to give Drupal a try.

This blog post was written by Lior who is an advisor to a marketing consultant for an online task management start-up and also works with iAdvize, a live support chat tool.

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