Installation of the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2


Noise Industries timed the release of the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2 to correspond with Apple’s launch of the FXPlug architecture package. With the FxFactory Pro 2 users can expect a spectacular package at a highly competitive price. The package is inclusive of an impressive array of filters, generators and transitions.

Time now to find out how to get the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2 installed. You can be sure of quick and easy installation. Thanks to the application thoughtfully included in the package by Noise Industries, managing plug-ins, registrations and license codes become very easy. The application will also allow you to download new Fx packs. There’s a bonus section that lets you create your own Fx packs. In terms of easy installation, Noise Industries has done a great job.

All the tools in the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2 have been organized in an application / control panel found in the applications folder. From the panel you install and manage the trial version as well as purchased version. The help menu is useful in learning about the use and parameters of the plug-ins and new search function that has been included in the package. Also from the panel, packages can be installed and uninstalled and you get an attractive visual summary of what’s available in the panel.

Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2 line up offers the kind of quality that is really hard to top. The easy use and versatility of the 300 odd effects are worth getting excited about. For example, you have color correction and sharpen tools that make footage as good as it gets. Use blurs, glows, inventive transitions and more to add visual variety to every cut you make. Lots of filters and generators to produce special effects that can really explode!

Here’s a sampling of what’s included in the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2 to get you excited. Some of the effects you can use include: cartoon, comic book, 80s video, glitch, godrays, copy machine, night vision, KED lights, pencil sketch, old TV, pop art, watercolor, video conference and perspective reflection. You have plenty of plug-ins to choose from.

With the Noise Industries FxFactory you are not simply downloading a folder full of filters. What you are actually downloading is a creative environment that will manage a show. For example, when you open the FxFactory application you will find the productive visual layout. Choose a package to get a list of filters complete with name, sample still frame and the folder in which they are to be found when you enter the host application. Help files clearly spell out the details and how to use each filter.

Most professionals would have to agree that with Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2 there is a lot more than meets the eye! The absolutely stunning array of filters, generators and transitions will blow you away and that is just the beginning.

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