Best Health Apps For iPhone


Here’s the list of top 8 health apps for iphone.


If you’re yet to set off down the road to a ripped physique, FitFu might help you take the first steps. Focusing on increasing your daily activity with simple exercises, it prompts you to get on with your workouts, making it social by keeping tabs on friends’ progress. Best used with an armband, FitFu counts your exercise repetitions for you using the iPhone’s accelerometers. As you progress, the variety and difficulty of exercises increases. All the while, a strange horn-nosed character delivers upbeat pep talks. Surprisingly effective.

Nike Training Club

Dedication’s what you need if you want to get fit and stay fit, but some motivation helps too. That’s where Nike Training Club scores by turning your exercise routine into a game, awarding points and bonuses for meeting and exceeding targets. It also lets you set up playlists based on your existing Runes library. There’s a wide range of workouts targeted at different goals, such as strength or weight loss, with video guides and a great interface to help you get around. One of the best free apps you can get – and it’ll help make you fitter, too.


Endomondo is the social sports tracker. It’ll record your distance covered, time spent exercising and calories burned when you’re doing any sport – from running to cycling to tobogganing – and post them to its website in real time. That way your pals can lend their encouragement via messages on the site, which then get read out to you. Or they’ll get jealous and spend all their time slagging you off online before trying to out-run, out-cycle, and out-toboggan you. Hey, ifs all healthy competition, right? Nothing wrong with that.


The first step to fitness is the hardest so you’ll need some help to hoist that lardy frame off the couch. This straightforward plan promises to get you from C (Couch) to (2) running five kilometres (5K) in just nine weeks (C25K!). A series of 30-40-minute workouts, eases you in gently, so you can avoid crippling muscle strain and give your ticker a chance to adjust. Accompany your runs with your own music and the app will pipe up with audio alerts to let you know when to switch to a run/jog/walk/pant desperately/flop on the floor.

Calorie Counter (MyFitnessPal)

This app has over 750,000 foods and 350 exercises, so nothing enters your body without being logged. You can even compete with friends in your own version of the Biggest Loser (it’s you).


Uses GPS to map your runs, recording pace and distance. Voice feedback means you don’t have to focus on the screen, and you can hear ‘cheers’ every Lime your friends comment. Jeers would work better for us.

First Triathlon

The name kind of gives this one away. This 12-week workout plan will prep you for your first short-distance triathlon, like a trainer in a life-affirming sports film. Just one more mile, Laddie! think of [insert inspiration here]!

Motion-X GPS

Downloads Google Maps, Bing Maps and Motion-X maps onto your device, for use without racking up 3G data charges. Tracking and way point features make it great for those wanting to venture into the unknown.

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