Pros and Cons Of SimpliSafe Home Security Systems


SimpliSafe is a wireless home security system with no contracts and typically more affordable fees. Like any product, the system has pros and cons. The following information can help you determine if this product is right for your needs.

No Contracts

Many home security systems require a contract that averages two to three years. SimpliSafe doesn’t require a contract, an appealing feature for those who are trying to save money or who want to test a system before committing to it. It is important to keep in mind that no contract means you’ll have to pay full price for the equipment instead of receiving the free or discounted prices offered when you sign up for contracted systems. Additionally, SimpliSafe will only work as a local alarm unless you purchase their monthly monitoring subscription.

The Safeguards

SimpliSafe offers safeguards to ensure your home is safe without alerting emergency responders to every false alarm. The system provides 24/7 live monitoring, which is rare for a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit. If your alarm is triggered, the system notifies SimpliSafe’s dispatchers, who then call you and ask for your safe word. If you don’t answer the phone or don’t provide the safe word, they dispatch authorities to your home. This allows you to let someone know it’s a false alarm before taking up local resources.

Pros and Cons Of SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

Additionally, you can program your system to delay your alarm for several minutes in case you accidentally set it off and need to enter your code. You can even customize which sensors have the delay. This way, if you accidentally set off the alarm at the front door, you can turn it off, but if the alarm goes off on a window, it won’t have the same delay.

Packages That Range in Price

SimpliSafe’s DIY systems come in a variety of package sizes and price ranges. According to many SimpliSafe reviews, this is one of the better pros because it allows you to work within your budget and your needs and not result to purchasing a “one size fits all” system that doesn’t actually “fit all.” Packages include

  • Ultimate Package with 16 pieces
  • Master Package with 14 pieces
  • Classic Package with 9 pieces
  • Economy Package with 7 pieces
  • Starter Package with 5 pieces

You can choose your package based on the size of your space or the features you want. For example, the starter package is a good size for apartments or first-time users who are just getting a feel for home security systems. On the other hand, the ultimate package provides comprehensive protection that ranges from 24/7 monitoring to freeze, flood, and fire sensors. You can even customize a package if none quite meet your needs.

Things to Keep in Mind

The system is sensor-based only. It doesn’t come with cameras and doesn’t connect to outside cameras. It doesn’t automate anything and because it is a DIY system, the upfront cost can be expensive. Interactive features require a $10 fee and because there is no contract, these fees are subject to change with no notice.

If you’re new to home automation and want a basic system just to try it out, SimpliSafe could be just what you need. However, if you prefer automation, video or very interactive features, you might need a different system.

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