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David Ahl came up with a programming manual titled 101 Basic Computer Book. This book was a welcome innovation in the programming industry and was later improved on and the book titled BASIC computer Games- the Microcomputer Edition was developed.

In the past, programmers had the daunting task of typing all the games required which was very time consuming and cumbersome. However, in this day and age programming has developed to another level.

The old age computers were restricted to various functions such as the fact that they were entirely based on character unlike the modern age computers. David Ahl went ahead and added robot examples from George Beker that displayed the abilities of computers in the years to come.

Technology has made it very easy to simply copy and paste out the games. That way one can make use of their old collection. Note that this does not require a specialist at all and one can simply do this them selves.  The E- book is retailing at & 12.50 as an introductory offer. The price may vary with time.

David Ahl’s programming E-books are published by Philip Conrad who also set out and accomplished the re publish of one of David Ahl’s book of programming for children that makes use of the tiny basic Microsoft. The book is titled the Small basic computer adventure. It is important to note that the entire collection of David’s work on programming has been assimilated and updated to the new and latest edition of 2010. The e-books are a great addition to the users with their strong approach on cut and simply paste directly in to the compiler.

The retail price of the basic programming tutorial is $39.95 and is inclusive of very educative chapters such as how to port the games into the basic small Microsoft. The new 2010 edition goes ahead to further provide  the user with the latest version of Visual basic, Java and Visual C and not forgetting to mention the game books like the EVEN WINS, ACEY DUCEY, LUNAR LANDAR AND MUGWUMP.

For those who prefer doing away with the BASIC code then it is highly advised that one should make use of the E-book authored by George Beker which has adequate content on the robot examples that date back to the 1970’s. The George Beker’s e-book (BOT FOLIO) has got an addition of five new robot illustrations which are a new introduction in a span of forty years. Beker contributes on his work which can be termed as rather ancient in comparison to the new age of technology.

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