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Minikit Slim was an effort by Parrot to check how the users respond to the availability of a product which would allow them ease to receive and make calls while driving. However, Minikit Smart is now available to users which is an upgraded and slightly a better version of the Minikit Slim.


Parrot having previously launched many products has now come up with their Minikit Smart. Parrot along with the genuine tools manufacturers call themselves the influential in offering Bluetooth hands free technology. Having previously reviewed its products such as the Minikit Slim, we could at least say that there is no comparison and doubt on the audio quality it has to offer.

This new edition is no different than Minikit Slim in terms of what it has to offer. Minikit Smart could be mounted on two places, either the dashboard or the windshield depending on your preference. This smartphone cradle and Bluetooth speakerphone not only makes life easy for the person, but its design also adds to the beauty of the car.


When you open the Minikit Smart box, you are welcomed by the smart unit itself. It features an arm which is attached with a spring and has foam on top of it. This arm pad can hold most cellular phones; however the limit is 2.7 inches. Therefore, if you’re worried about your smartphone then this product would be suitable for your needs even if you own a cell such as Motorola Droid X to the height of an iPhone. It has metallic finishing which makes the product look elegant and has panels coated in soft touch material.

Just like how we had the physical controls in the Minikit slim, this product also has the same controls which are placed right under the dock. The central knob placed right at the end could be twisted to make selections and adjust it to your needs. The buttons for answering and rejecting a call are placed on this knob. Minikit smart also has USB slots on the right side both for the mini USB and the full size USB for charging the kit itself and the cell.

Since Parrot focuses on how to make life easier for its users, it also allows its microphone to be adjusted elsewhere if you wish to take it out of the smartkit. The other option is to place it on the vehicle’s visor. The reason for this is that if there is a lot of noise in the vehicle then the person can bring the microphone close to themselves to improve the audio quality. Besides the microphone, the loudspeaker can be placed on the back side. Despite being placed on the backside, the speaker clearly understands human speech and is also quite loud.

The Good: The Parrot Minikit Smart is a great advancement of the slim kit which allows you to place any cellular phone which could get charged and also act like your hands free Bluetooth device. This allows audio streaming and hands free calling both.

The Bad: The combination of the cradle and the smart phone makes the whole package really heavy, therefore while mounting it the person needs to be really sure whether it could topple down or not.

The End Result: The Parrot Minikit Smart has great features to offer and also is a need for most people who wish to drive and attend/receive calls both.

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