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Positives: Cobra’s iRadar might seem as a very small device, however it’s very useful and shouldn’t be judged by its size, it works well even if it’s not connected to the iPod touch or to the iPhone, the USB slot allows your external devices also to get charged, the app is very useful as it allows several functions to choose from and alerts you continuously.

Negatives: If you wish to sync your iPod touch or the iPhone then you would have to arrange your own cradle to be able to mount the external device as the iRadar kit does not provide the support for your device to be held.

The End Result: The Cobra iRadar is a very useful and a very user friendly product which allows a person to use various features under just one single device.


By the looks of it, the Cobra iRadar doesn’t impress the users since it looks much like a basic radar/laser detector. The product appears to be of the same size as a deck of cards which a measurements of 1.15inches deep, 2.92 inches wide and 4.22 inches long. iRadar is covered all around with featureless glossy black plastic which might not impress a user much based on the appearance factor.

On the left edge of the iRadar, it has the power and volume dial alongwith the 12 volt charger. However, on the top side, it has the loudspeaker and a round shaped mute button. The back side of the iRadar is where it gets mounted from, onto the wind shield which is quite secure and strong. There is no indication through a light when the iRadar is switched off, however once it’s switched on; a LED light at the back side indicates the product being switched on.

When iRadar is switched on, as mentioned above, a red LED indicator would come up which would indicate that the device is now active and working. This would then speak and beep about the alerts which would be sensed in its 360 degree receiver. iRadar has a few  POP mode warnings and band detections including Ka, K, X and VG-2.

The application installed in the iRadar gives a great amount of flexibility as it allows a person to choose from various options of what the device has to report. The initial “I” in the name of the device indicates that the product is now only available for being synced with Apple devices such as the iPhone or the iPod Touch. However, with time there is hope that the iRadar would soon be operating the Android OS. When the device is properly synced with the other Apple devices, the right indicator light would turn to blue and it would give audible chime sounds.

The application mentioned above is what differentiates the iRadar from different products of Cobra and also the different products available in the market offering same features. This app is available to download for free from iTunes App Store which allows you to enjoy various functions. These include keeping a track of your vehicle speed, your GPS position and also the directions of your travel plan. Furthermore, the App allows you to choose from the city mode and the highway mode in which you can select alerts such as for the speed traps and safety cameras.

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