Bose Bluetooth Headset


Positives: The most important aspect of Bose Bluetooth Headset is its brand new design which is believed to be innovative and user friendly. Due to its design, the headset is extremely comfortable and the user would feel nothing if he/she wears it throughout the day.

Negatives: In terms of the audio quality and other features, the product has been a major let down, is overpriced for the features it has to offer, below average call quality and does not offer A2DP streaming.

The End Result: The product might seem very attractive due to its design, however in terms of features other products might be recommended over Bose Bluetooth headset.


When we hear the name Bose, it automatically triggers a thought which is related to utmost quality and precision. This is true because over the years, Bose has been delivering products that have been the best in high end audio equipment with unmatched quality. If we look at products such as the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones or the Bose Sound Dock 10 compact speaker dock then it makes us realize the authenticity of Bose.

The prime factor of Bose products is to provide unmatched sound quality which could tease your ear buds. However, as Bose launched its Bluetooth headset, it surprised us altogether. The product was given a simple name; Bose Bluetooth headset. Like always, it goes without mentioning that this product would also deliver great audio quality, provides automatic volume adjustment, fits comfortably well and also multipoint connectivity.

However, after the review was conducted, all the hopes where shattered from this product. The main reason being that the noise cancellation was below average and also it does not have A2DP streaming which most of the competitors are offering. The product is priced at $149.94 which is believed to be very expensive considering the features it has to offer. Therefore, instead of the Bose Bluetooth Headset, other products would be recommended such as Aliph Jawbone Icon or the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus. Both the mentioned brands offer much more than the price they charge for their product.


In terms of design, the product does not have the similar shape compared to the same Bluetooth headset’s offered by other brands. The reason for this is that design of this headset is more of a unique geometric design which is shaped like a trapezoid. The measurements of the headset are 1.8 inches long, 1.3 inches wide and 0.7 inches thick. On the left side of the headset, it has the power slides; however on the right side it has the volume control and the multifunction call button. The mouth piece of the product is reversed so that the branding could be done and also due to its microphone.

In terms of comfort, the headset is very soft and having no bumpy edges. This means that it sits perfectly well on your ears without using an ear hook. In order to provide more customization to its users, Bose offers three different size ear tips, which makes the product really comfortable for the person using it. If we compare other products, then they often give pain and trouble. However, with the Bose headset, users hardly get to feel any pain even if they wear it the whole day.

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