Orb TV (VP-1)


Orb has not only set trends in wireless streaming but also captured new market which was left untapped by most leading manufacturers. The proof of this is the success of MP-1 after which VP-1 has been launched.


In the past when Orb had launched its MP-1 music player, it had amazed all its users and critics with its power to stream music wirelessly from a PC or a Mac. This streamed music would then be played on an AV receiver, iPhone or an Android running device.

However, after MP-1, Orb has now launched VP-1 which is much more advanced than the features of MP-1. VP-1 is a video player which has the ability to wirelessly stream video to an HDTV. As shown in its advertisements, VP-1 performs the same job. However, the quality of the video raises some concerns but keeping the price in mind of this product which is set at $100, one would say something is better than nothing. This video streaming device is the only hybrid device out in the market which allows you to enjoy such features.


Just like the design of MP-1, VP-1 also has the same design; the same shaped disc size which hooks onto its own component or on the composite inputs on your HDTV. In most situations, using the component is recommended, however where inputs are available then those inputs should be used, but Orb does provide everything which you will need in the box such as the power and the video cables.


As we have mentioned before that almost everything has been similar in MP-1 AND VP-1, in the similar manner, the set up is also the same. Almost all users felt ease while setting up the media player and the same was found to be true when the video player was installed by most users.

When the device is connected with the video streaming device, the installation guide would come up to guide you through the process of how everything has to be connected. Often this process tends to get technical; however Orb has made it really easy for its users.  The Orb TV connects to local Wi-Fi signal which is then enabled to bridge the connection between the source content and the wireless receiving device.

In order for the streaming to work, software called Orb Caster would have to be installed onto the source computer which needs to run throughout. Furthermore, the source computer needs to be switched on when the content is being accessed otherwise the player would receive nothing.

Positives: VP-1 is able to stream both; audio and video from the source computer to HDTV or an AV receiver, the set up process is very simple which is done through a tutorial.

Negatives: The box does not contain HDMI output; the quality is comprised upon since they are giving the features which yet have to be offered by any manufacturer.

The Final Result: Those who wish to enjoy the feeling of wireless video streaming should really purchase the product. The product has gained respect and success because of the features it has to offer and the ease with which it operates.

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