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Since the introduction of video sharing, it has become a joint wish of all users now, to be able to watch their videos on the big screens. For this, dozens of different wires are required to play the video. However, with the availability of Veebeam HD, all these wishes have come true as now users can watch the videos on their big screens with ease.


Most of us while watching videos on our laptops wish we could watch the same videos on our big screen TVs. However, to make this wish come true we would require a great deal of wires and also few graphic cards. Veebam HD has made this wish come true for watching videos on the big screen wirelessly. This is a very strange looking product which basically transmits data from your laptops and other devices onto the big screens without using any wires.

Most users rate this product highly because of the features it has to offer, however it also has some concerns attached to it. Transmitting videos without wires seems to be a tough job. Due to this reason, the video quality in wireless transmitting is compromised, the requirements for the connection to be established are also high and understanding how the whole system operates is also a tough task.

Technological products seem to be expensive because of the features they offer. However, Veebeam offers two products which have different prices for users in different income brackets. The Veebeam SD is priced at $99 as this does not have the HD option and the Veebeam HD is priced at $140 which offers the HD mode. The test was conducted on Veebeam HD so that the product could be reviewed.

The product which comes closest to being matched with the Veebeam HD is Intel’s wireless display. However, the reason why Veebeam HD is preferred is because this product is compatible with any laptop running Windows Vista or higher and also the Mac OS X. Compared to other brands offering the same product, Veebeam HD would be preferred on any given day because of its ability to stream any type of video.


The shape of Veebeam HD is nothing similar to the ones already existing in the marketplace. If we had to compare this product to portray its picture in user’s mind, then the closest match would a small tricorne hat. The design however, is considered to be very creative and elegant which attracts most users. On the back end of the product, all the ports are located such as the HDMI port which is the most important in the Veebeam HD.

Positives: Veebeam HD works excellently well with any type of laptop, allows wireless connectivity of videos from laptops on to the big screens, very elegant design, could be used in Mac and Windows both.

Negatives: If you buy the Veebeam SD then that would save up to $50 only because it does not offer the HD mode, old laptops would be difficult to sync since they do not have the required factors for connectivity,

The Final Result: For those impatient users who wish to watch all their videos on the big screen, this product is going to win the heart of most users.

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  1. Veebeam says that their product is good for viewing streaming video with, and it is in a limited sense. I had my veebeam hooked up via hdmi to my tv, and was streaming from a windows 7 laptop about 10 feet away from the tv (you really need to be in the same room for the veebeam to work).

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