The Evolution of Online Gaming


Video games have always been popular with large numbers of the public. From the early Commodore 64’s to Sega MegaDrives, there has always been a market ready to enjoy the escapism and thrills the games offer. The advent of the internet has taken gaming to a whole new level though and made it something that enthusiasts are taking full advantage of. Even those who would not consider themselves gamers now think nothing of playing an online slot or 3-tile puzzle game on their way into work.

But was it just the internet that has taken gaming to where it is now?

Online gaming changed the script

In a way it does all go back to the internet as without it none of what we see in the industry currently would be possible. However, more specifically, the real reason that gaming is so popular is the growth that has occurred in online gaming.

Advances in the technology running the games and broadband internet access has enabled online games to evolve enormously. This has seen more games available to play online and more sites to enjoy them on, many of them free. Online gaming also offers something unique that no other form of gaming can – the ability to have a truly social experience and connect with other people anywhere in the world.

Online gaming is not just video games

Of course, the internet has allowed for many other online games to be more accessible and easier to enjoy. Free-to-win lottery games are one such type of online game that are now very popular; the excitement of the game, partnered with the fact you can win money for free, makes it an easy choice for any thrill seeker.

How has online gaming changed over the years?

Of course, online gaming was not always as sophisticated or indeed as popular as now. Early online games were basic and only offered a glimpse of what they would eventually become. To really take hold, the world of gaming needed to evolve. The below shows the main ways in which it did just that eventually becoming a part of so many individuals’ lives:

  • Better games – the games you now choose to play online have evolved to be far more enjoyable and sophisticated. Modern slots or shooters boast much improved graphics, more detailed storylines and better sound and are designed to be played in the online arena. Compared to even 10 years ago, the technology available to game designers is much more advanced, allowing them to produce superior online games.
  • Multi-player – as noted above, one area that online gaming has really taken off in is multi-player. Popular modern titles like Fortnite show what an appetite there is for this type of game. This has been a real evolution from early online play which did not have the same options in terms of connecting with other players. As broadband speeds have increased and more of the world is connected to the internet then multi-gaming has evolved to be accessed on a massive scale.
  • More social gaming– online gaming has also seen an evolution in the way we actually play games. Not only in terms of playing via the internet but also in a social sense. Before online gaming, you could only enjoy playing with friends if you were all in the same room with controllers plugged into the same box. Online gaming has evolved over the years to allow you to connect with friends even if they are not in the room with you.
  • Mobile gaming – it is true to say that mobile gaming is one of the reasons that online play is where it is today. This is the main way in which casual gamers interact with games online, something that has attracted many more people to become involved. Mobile gaming is a really important advance as it allows fast, easy access to online games when users want to play. To give an idea of its importance, this individual niche in gaming is worth around $50 billion annually to date.
  • eSports – one recent evolution within online gaming is eSports. This sees teams of players compete against each other in tournaments to win money prizes. The tournaments can be online or offline with thousands of people watching. Thought to be worth around $500 million globally each year in 2017, many think this is one sector that will continue to evolve further.

Online gaming has altered over time

As the above shows, there are lots of ways that online gaming has changed in recent years. From being able to play free lottery games to hooking up with friends to play an online video game, it has grown massively. With gaming itself looking to become increasingly popular, there is every reason to think that online gaming will continue to progress in the future.

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