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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Email Hosting Service


Email is an integral part of doing business. You provide an email address on your website so people can send in their enquiries and other concerns. It is your bridge with your customers. Many web hosting companies provide an email address to go along with your hosting plan, but going for a separate email hosting provider is also an option that you can consider. In this article, we will discuss top reasons why your business should use an email hosting service.

  1. To secure data – data protection is very important. There are times wherein users utilise email to send sensitive information like credit card details, personal information and other private information. As business owner, it is your main responsibility to provide secure network to your consumers. With a hosted email service, website admins can worry less about security because it includes firewall protection, secure https connections, and spam and antivirus filtering to ensure that all data are secured.
  2. To make your business look professional – there are also free email hosting services but that’s something you should not consider for your business. Consumers usually frown and become suspicious if a website’s contact email address is using free email service like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail and others. Having a personalised email makes your website and company look more professional and trustworthy.
  3. To easily manage emails from customers– it would be a chaos to combine your personal and business emails. It is best to have a separate email address so you can easily see and respond to your customer’s enquiries. It is a best customer service practice to respond to customer’s email within 24-hour period. It boosts confidence and trust of your users knowing that there’s someone who accommodatesand responds to their emails.
  4. To have larger inbox capacity–one problem that will surely give you headache is when you learn that your email inbox is full. You surely do not want to miss an email just because your inbox can no longer accommodate new ones. You do not have to worry about that scenario when you have hosted email. You can increase your limit capacity once you are nearing the initial limit. With this, you do not need to delete any emails.
  5. To have reliable support in case email goes down– with hosting email services, you can expect reliable and helpful support team to assist you in case there’s a problem like you can’t send or receive emails, too many spams going to your Inbox and so on and so forth. You can contact the support any time to make sure you do not miss any important emails. Also, another advantage is that when your website hosting is down, you can still access your emails to calm down your consumers about technical issues since you have a separate email hosting service.

Those are the top reasons why you should consider availing a separate email hosting. Email communication is king when it comes to business communication so it does not matter if your business is small or big. Also, email hosting service plan is very affordable and easy to set-up.

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