5 Mobile Apps to Help You With Low Cost Travel


Just a few years ago, smartphones were still regarded as a luxury item. Fortunately, the time has come when these devices are getting more and more common, and it shouldn’t be too long before they become the standard type of phone for most people.

This is a good thing indeed, since there are numerous mobile apps that can make your life easier in a number of scenarios – even when it comes to traveling at low cost. If you’re not sure how that is possible, this article will present you to five mobile apps that already make things easier for travelers from all backgrounds.

5 Mobile Apps to Help You With Low Cost Travel

Watch out, though: if you haven’t still purchased your smartphone yet, the following information has real potential to make you want to get one right away.

Hipmunk (Low Cost Flights Finder)

Looking for low cost flights can be quite boring, don’t you think so? You will usually have to look through numerous websites until you find the best deal and the right seat to satisfy your needs. Not anymore! With the help of an amazing new app called Hipmunk, you’ll easily find exactly what you need, not only in terms of price but also regarding the seat quality. Highly recommended!

WiFI Finder (Wi-Fi Locator)

Did you ever struggle to find a Wi-Fi connection while traveling abroad? If you had just installed an app like WiFi Finder in your phone, you would have avoided quite a bit of hassle. Pretty self-explanatory, this app will keep looking for wi-fi signals within reach, showing all available networks in a simple and effective manner – so you can just pick the best one with the tap of a finger.

Around me! (Walking tours)

There was a time back in the day when tourists often wished they would have a tour guide to show them around. Nowadays you don’t really need a guide since your smartphone is really up to the task! Especially if you install an app like “Around me!” which keeps displaying points of interest in your surroundings – anything from restaurants to cultural events, entertainment, hotels, and even information on local monuments.

Couchbug (couchsurfing app)

For some people, couchsurfing is more than a way to save up while traveling: it’s actually a life philosophy; a great way of getting immersed on other cultures, and easily making new friends. If you’re big on couchsurfing, you will absolutely love the Couchbug app, that will readily help you find the best couches which happen to be available in your surroundings.

Tripadvisor (cheap food/accommodation reviews)

Similar to Aroundme! but comprised mostly of user-submitted reviews. This uber popular app draws from a gigantic database to give you the full scoop on places to eat and travel accommodation. Since all reviews are submitted by users just like you, it’s a great way of getting unbiased crowd-sourced opinions on any establishment before having to actually set a foot into it.

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