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Everybody wants the latest and greatest. We all see the ads and read the reviews of the newest, most spectacular electronic devices on the market. Unfortunately, most of us simply do not have the money to buy every new gadget that comes out. Most of us don’t even need all the features of these hot products. What can we do? There are a lot of products available that may not be the absolute best, but are still extremely good products. In most cases, they will do the job that most of us need them to do, and they will do those jobs extremely well. Let’s take a look at a few.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. With so many features and add-ons it appeals to many consumers for various different reasons. However if you are looking for a comparable alternative to save a little cash, the Android powered phones offer many of the same features. With a vast library of apps available for Android powered phones, you can still utilize versatility while saving some of your hard earned cash.

The iPad is leading the way in tablet computing. Their innovative technology has been the standard in which the other companies follow. However, some may want the mobility, versatility and functionality of the iPad without the high price. HP and Samsung both make tablets that give users many of the functions they are looking for without the expense. With downloadable apps, each tablet offers an array of customizable functionality that gives a great user experience. Though their tablets may not compare to the iPad, if you are looking to just surf the net, complete a few tasks and enjoy the portability, they may be the better choice for you.

Remote Controls:
Logitech makes several different Harmony Remote Controls. A national electronics retailer sells the Harmony 1100 for $349.99. This remote controls 15 devices, and has a 3-1/2″ color touch screen. It also has rechargeable batteries and a charging station. It is definitely a pretty impressive remote control. Samsung makes the RMC30C2 3, a similar remote for $150. It has the same functions, a touch screen, and an attractive sleek design.

Having the latest and greatest gadgets are cool. But you can save a lot of money and get pretty much the same results with some still very, very good lower priced gadgets. In a world of indulgence, sometimes we should get what we need, instead of what is hot.

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