Design Concept and Release Date Of Google Nexus 6


Google has always produced unique and amazing products and technology fans expect Google Nexus 6 to be no different. Past Nexus devices have wowed funs with innovative features. This manufacturer knows that Nexus 6 will be competing with other Smartphone models in the market. They include HTC M8, Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S5 and others which are lined up for release in 2014. As such, Nexus 6 must be manufactured in a way that will enable to remain competitive in the market for long.

Google Nexus 6 Release Date

Although there no official communication that has been made so far, there are rumors that Nexus 6 will be released on different dates in different locations. However, October 2014 is the most likely release date of Google Nexus 6. This is no reason to get disappointed as great gadgets always need time to launch and innovate great technologies.

Google launched Nexus 5 not long ago and there has been a tremendous response from the fans of technology. This has made many people expect great things from Google with its devices. Nexus has established itself as a strong brand in the market. Currently, this brand is competing with high end Smartphone models successfully. Since there is no news of Nexus 6 from Google, consumers can only wait for this company to launch the device in 2014.

Design Concept and Release Date Of Google Nexus 6

Design Concept

Considering the design of Google Nexus 4 and 5, it is clear that Google has learnt a lot from the mistakes made in the past devices. Nexus 4 had a glass finish on its back. This was converted into a rubber finish on the Nexus 5. Although a glass finish may not be considered as a mistake since it enhanced the elegance of this device, it was not comfortable for most users. This is because after dropping the device on a hard surface the finish was shattered completely.

Going by this trend, it is obvious that Google Nexus 6 will have innovative improvements from the Nexus 5. The device will be manufactured with considerations of the responses from the buyers. Many people complained about the Camera of Google Nexus 5.

The design concept of Google Nexus 6 will feature the following:

ü  Body: The body of Nexus 6 will be metallic

ü  Screen: It expected that this Smartphone will have a screen size of about 5.3 inch. Nexus 4 came with 4.7 inch, while nexus 5 had a 5 inch screen. As their successor, nexus 6 will have a larger screen with ultra high definition resolution.

ü  Shape: Nexus 6 will have curved edges with a bright display.

ü  Added features: FM receiver, shockproof display and probably the popular fingerprint sensors are some of the features that have been buzzed to be present.

Considering the trend of this Smartphone series, consumers can only wait for this device to be released to know its exact features and specifications. Nevertheless, most analysts and technology fans are optimistic that Google Nexus 6 will be a great device to be released in 2014.

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