Which Tablet For Xmas?


Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming a necessary part of our everyday lives. They let us connect with anyone or anything at any time, help us organise our lives and jobs and give us the opportunity to unwind with some game playing no matter where we are. Figuring out which is the best tablet for you can seem daunting however. Of course each manufacturer will tell you theirs is number one, but there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Apple iPad

The iPad was the original tablet and is still a market leader. The fourth generation of iPads look identical to their predecessors on the surface. Same style, same weight, same screen, and still perhaps not as light as could be. On saying that, the new A6X processor makes it the fastest iPad yet in terms of system speed and the graphics are pretty phenomenal for a mobile device. Popular opinion states that yes, this is the best that Apple have offered so far and can outrank competitors. On the other hand, those who recently purchased the third generation iPad will probably not find that they get enough extras for their money to make it worthwhile trading it in.

Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT matches the iPad exactly when it comes to price, or so it seems. To get the best out of the Surface RT you really need a Touch Cover. This adds a minimum of £70 onto the initial purchase price, which suddenly makes a huge difference. It is marginally thinner than the iPad, but weighs slightly more which cancels that out. The screen size is bigger but the resolution is lower. One area in which it really outshines the competition is storage. The Surface offers 32GB as standard, plus has a microSD card slot to allow you to add additional storage, which the other two market leaders are yet to add to their devices.

Google Nexus 7

Android may be giving Apple a run for their money in the smartphone department but they have never really caught up when it comes to tablets. All this may be set to change, however, with the release of the Google Nexus 7 tablet by Asus. The 32GB, quad-core, Tegra-3 endowed tablet hits the markets at the bargain price of just £199, which already gives it a head start over the pricey iPads. It boasts some top quality hardware, full NFC support and a bundle of Google Play freebies to get you started. On the flip side it has poor IPS display contrast and fairly limited storage. Also, no matter what devices they release, Google are still behind when it comes to the variety and quality of Android apps when compared to Apple. If you are looking for anything as specific as a quality autism app, for example, then Apple are probably still your best bet.

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This post was provided on behalf of IAskU – developers of one of the best Autism Apps, designed by a team of psychologists, speech & language therapists to support children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) communicate more purposefully.

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