The Best Smartphone Apps For Saving Design Ideas


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Creative people who are searching for a little inspiration will find that are a large number of apps that have been specially created to help them generate new ideas. Of course, some apps are better than others, and finding the best of the bunch can be rather time consuming. Here is a selection of some of the best apps that you can use for collecting design ideas to get you started.

Ember is a free browser-based tool that has been specially created to share images. This is essentially a type of social network that designers can use to collect and share inspiration. Users of Ember can upload as many as 30 images each month for free and search through more than 200,000 images from other contributors to find truly inspiring images.

This comes from the creators of Ember and is currently one of the most popular inspirational apps among graphic designers and others. Designers can use LittleSnapper to create global shortcuts for screenshots and store them in a special library. Users of this app can then adapt their images, share them among other users and seek inspiration by checking out the library of other available work.

The free social bookmarking tool known as ZooTool not only looks cool, but is also extremely easy to use. ZooTool makes it easy to keep track of, and return to, your favourite creative websites as it takes a special snapshot of the page that you are bookmarking. The way in which the app manages your bookmarks is extremely attractive and adaptable and makes it easy and fun to track down inspiring images.

Evernote is currently used by more than three million people around the world and can be used to capture random digital images such as receipts and passwords. The app can also be used to store digital inspiration by simply right-clicking on the image from any online source and adding it to Evernote. It is also possible to use this handy app to add and store entire web pages, and once the information is stored in Evernote you will be able to tag and organise all your information and store it so that it can be accessed quickly and conveniently any time you choose.

Magpie by Conran
The Magpie app from Conran is a must have for making future design decisions and purchases. The user can document lots of interesting things they spot when out and about which can be stored for inspiration. This app is a quick and easy way to make moodboards and scrapbooks.

People who like to create digital boards can use the Stixy to upload images and documents, write notes and add to do lists. Of course, you can also use the app to share your creations and gain inspiration from other creators.

Adobe Ideas
Adobe is well known for their excellent range of apps that are used by all types of people for a multitude of different reasons. The Adobe Ideas app is a fitting addition to the series, as this handy app can be used as a digital sketchbook. This app can be used as a companion to apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Users of Adobe Ideas can sketch design concepts while sitting in their favourite coffee shop and then capture, store and share colour themes. This easy to use interactive app can also be used to search for the work from other like-minded creators.

With all this creativity available at the touch of a button, being inspired has never been easier. Most of these apps are available free of charge and can be stored on your iPhone or other android device to use as a reference whenever you need it.

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