Cool Apps for Dads-to-Be


Fatherhood is probably one of the most defining moments in a man’s life. However, it can also be pretty scary especially for first time dads. Every dad wants nothing but the best for his wife and kids so he tries to learn as much as he can as possible. Nevertheless, you can’t help but be clueless about several aspects of being a father and reading stuff about fatherhood sometimes just isn’t enough.

Cool Apps for Dads-to-Be

Fortunately, modern technology presents a bevy of innovations to help track pregnancies easily. Examples of such technological advancements include numerous mobile apps which are compatible with Apple and Android smart phones. Now you can bring with you all the valuable references you need so you can be ready any time you need it. Here are some of the best mobile apps for dads-to-be which can be downloaded and install in any Apple or Android smart phones:

Baby Monitor 3G

It’s important to always be on the lookout for your baby. The Baby Monitor 3G app allows you to track everything in your baby’s room, take photos, and it also serves as a two way radio so you can talk to your baby even if you’re apart.

Cool Apps for Dads-to-Be

However, you’ll need to download this app on two separate iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. One device is left in the baby’s room while you carry the other one with you. The Baby Monitor functions with any type of network available so you can use it with 3G, Edge, Wi-Fi, etc. It costs $3.99 per download and takes up 38.8 M.

BabyBump Pro

Arguably the most popular app for soon to be parents, this app provides a user-friendly and fully detailed guide for all the stages of pregnancy. It also has the answers for many of the frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy.

Cool Apps for Dads-to-Be

It covers everything from the identifying the due date up to the expectations and essential things to the parents should do and know. This app provides a journal where you can keep important records which you can pull up whenever the need arises. It also has an online chat so you can talk and compare notes with other soon to be fathers. And if you want, this app allows you to share stuff via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can purchase this at iTunes for $3.99 which will take up 16.4 M or from Google Play for $2.99 with a size of 7.7 M.

Guy’s Guide to Delivery Room

Let’s face it, when the wife’s in labor, most men scurry to the sidelines. It’s understandable to be intimidated with the whole process of giving birth. However, it helps to know a thing or two about it in order to prepare yourself for the big day and alleviate fear from it.

Cool Apps for Dads-to-Be
With the help of this app, the possible scenarios of childbirth are introduced to the dad-to-be and it also provides simple explanations of the medical terminologies that are hard to understand. This aims to give men the confidence to be there for women during this trying yet very moving time in their lives. You can download this from iTunes for $.99 and it will take up 0.3 M. You may also download it via Google Play for $1.37 which takes up 489 K.

WebMD Baby

If you’re about to be a father in just a few months, you’d love to have a virtual pediatrician by your side all the time. This app includes tons of data about the health of babies which are presented through hundreds of educational articles and tips. You can also learn a lot from the 70 different videos and 5 tools the WebMD Baby offers.

Cool Apps for Dads-to-Be
This app also has a personalized baby book where you can save and share the precious moments of your baby. The best part about this app is that you can get it for free at Itunes and Google Play. The size of the version from iTunes is 14.5 M while the one from Google Play is at 11 M.

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