The Design Of Your Exhibition Material – Top Tips To Improve Your Customer Engagement


When it comes to your next exhibition, your marketing and advertising materials need to be top notch. It’s no good dragging out the same old paperweights and hoping people will be interested enough to come to your exhibition stand and have a read; you need to engage your customers in its design, including the colours you use, the logo, the images and the placement of text.

But where do you Start?

Firstly, think about the number of materials you need to be working on. So, this will include your exhibition back drop as one of the largest design pieces, as well as your marketing brochures, flyers, business cards, uniforms (if you have any) and any other material that your potential customers will see or interact with.

The Design Of Your Exhibition Material – Top Tips To Improve Your Customer Engagement

Your Stand

To a certain extent your design will stay the same throughout your materials and will simply be altered to suit the new format. So, your exhibition stand will be one of the first designs you will want to work on. You’ll want to think about the placement of the logo – is it visible? Is it dominating? You’ll want to consider the colours too. Are they bold, do they clash? The image you use will need to be of a very high quality to suit the bigger format. Look at what makes an effective stock image here. If you can’t find a standard image that suits your brand, why not take your own picture and use that?

Working on your banner can be difficult. If the exhibition is large scale it may be worth considering the hire of a professional company, – specialists in exhibition stands are a leading company in the niche that have worked on a wide variety of stands and events, and know what it takes to get people to walk past your stand and take notice. How items are placed on your stand and the design you use is highly important. Anything too boring, and you’ll blend into the background, but anything too vibrant, and you may stand out for the wrong reasons. You don’t want to give people a headache!

Your Business Cards, Brochures and Flyers

When it comes to the other materials on your exhibition stand, your logo needs to be on everything. You may also want to incorporate your website address on everything you use. This allows people to look you up very easily after they have left your stand. Business cards are of course very important; make sure all staff on the stand have a good supply and that they are all the same format and design.

Any flyers or brochures that people are allowed to take away from your stand need to be easy to read and again have your brand colours and logo on them.

Essentially, anyone who picks up a brochure/business card/flyer from you should be able to look at it and easily identify where it comes from, i.e. ‘This is obviously so-and-so’s flyer.’

Your brand is everything – make sure its design is clear, identifiable, and above all, well representative of you as a company.

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